Denver Alcoholism Treatment Program | AspenRidge Recovery
Denver Alcoholism Treatment Program | Aspenridge Recovery

Colorado is well known as one of the most beautiful states in the country, and it’s famous for its outdoor-loving, exercise-obsessed inhabitants. But that’s not the whole story. Many of these people pull up chairs at happy hour or reach for a can of beer at the end of a long day, and way more than you would expect to suffer from alcohol use disorder. Even those who seem healthy and in control of their lives can face challenges. The good news, however, is that Colorado offers some of the most comprehensive and effective substance abuse treatment options in the US, like our Denver alcoholism treatment program.

Here are a few statistics about Colorado. At least 0.8% of people 12 years and older report having had some substance abuse issues. Most Colorado residents reported dependency on alcohol and illicit drugs. 8.8% of adults and 2.0% of adolescents had issues with alcohol.

A lot needs to be done, and luckily the local government is on point. Statewide concerns are growing, leading to the unified push for the best care options for those in need. The progressive ideals shared by people in the state can find lasting recovery at most Denver rehab clinics.

Denver Alcoholism Treatment Program

Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Denver

The history of alcohol and drug abuse in Colorado has encouraged health professionals and authorities to address the problems to protect public health and safety.

Most community leaders are seeking to provide better support and solutions for people who are struggling with alcohol use disorder.

One of the efforts they have put across is that people charged with drug-related crimes in Colorado should be referred to a treatment facility on probation rather than jail. It should, however, be based on their specific substance abuse issues.

Effective rehab services will help one overcome the root cause of substance abuse. This is a compassionate approach to abuse-related offenses, and it helps reduce drug and alcohol-related emergencies and recidivism. Lives will be changed at the drug rehab facilities and help break the bonds of addiction all over the state.

At the AspenRidge Recovery Centers, we are the best rehab clinic in Colorado and offer lasting solutions to substance abuse problems and the Denver alcoholism treatment program. You can trust us to help you overcome this challenging health condition. There’s hope, and we provide this for you. Please contact us if you or your family member suffers from AUD. We would love to help. Contact us 24/7 directly at 855-281-5588.

We also offer excellent after-care programs that include the following:

  • Assistance with continued care
  • Housing arrangements
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Community support groups
  • Crisis management planning

Alcohol And Drug Treatment In Denver

Colorado Alcohol Abuse Programs

If you live in Denver, Colorado, or nearby areas and need specialized drug addiction, most rehab facilities will offer the following treatment options:

A Medically Assisted Detox

Detox is the first stage of alcohol addiction treatment. It is the process of eliminating all the toxins from your body before you can effectively begin rehab. This is an intense process that requires medical attention, as withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be severe and fatal.

Residential Treatment

Residential rehab is one of the most successful recovery options that take you out of your alcohol-charged environment into a place where you fully concentrate on treatment.

This is successful because when you remove all external distractions and temptations, you can thoroughly prioritize your self-growth and empower your body to recover from the addiction.

Partial Hospitalization Program (Day Program)

Partial hospitalization enables the person with an addiction to ease the transition from residential rehab to everyday life. The Day Program maintains a schedule for group and individual therapy sessions at least five times a week and also includes the following:

Day Intensive Outpatient Program

The Day Intensive Program involves continued treatment three days a week through a flexible day schedule that will prioritize your sobriety. In this level of care, you are encouraged to pursue some form of higher education or find employment to take steps into a brighter future.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is a treatment program where licensed practitioners treat substance abuse and mental health illnesses simultaneously. It is a vital treatment option for people in recovery, as studies show that mental disorders and substance abuse occur concurrently.

Colorado Alcohol Abuse Programs

Therapies Available at Denver Rehab Centers

For addiction treatment to be successful, it must be accompanied by individualized treatment options such as therapy. There are plenty of therapy options that can help one overcome their addiction, which include the following:

Individual Therapy

This one-on-one therapy happens with a licensed therapist whose aim is to help you change the patterns that contributed to your substance abuse problem. You will be able to learn how you can handle addiction and the stresses that come with drug and alcohol abuse so that you can feel empowered to take control of your life moving forward.

Group Therapies

Group therapy happens with other people suffering from drugs and alcohol like you are. A therapist usually coordinates the group, and everyone goes through their stumbling blocks to recovery to help each other.

Family Therapy

Alcohol affects not only the person with an addiction, but also their family members and friends. Most rehab clinics in Colorado offer family therapy for the family members to help them navigate the muddy waters of addiction.

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We are Colorado’s leading provider of dual diagnosis treatment for mental health and substance abuse. We offer outpatient programs for individuals and families suffering from the disease of addiction. We have a full continuum of services for building your new and improved life.

AspenRidge Recovery is Colorado’s leading alcohol addiction recovery center helping thousands to overcome excessive drinking and alcohol use disorder. Our various programs aim to treat AUD using different approaches, including dual diagnosis therapy, substance misuse help, cognitive therapy, holistic approaches, group therapy, and more. While we don’t offer alcohol detox, we work with Colorado-specific detox centers that have medical supervision to help individuals progress in their recovery.

The Joint Commission also certifies our center, and our licensed counselors are trained, specifically, in substance misuse and addiction. We offer the following programs:

We can help guide you through our Denver alcoholism treatment program. It’s also critical to understand that treatment is different for everyone and, therefore, a tailored treatment approach is important. Contact us today for more information about Colorado alcohol rehabilitation at 855-281-5588.