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What is Addiction Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment in Colorado is the lowest level of care we provide, but some people begin treatment at the outpatient level. This depends on a variety of factors, and our trained clinical staff can help you decide if this level of care is right for you. Clients can stay in the program for 30 days or up to six months if necessary.

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AspenRidge Recovery offers evidence-based treatment for all levels of care, including our addiction outpatient program. Our licensed clinicians are trained to treat both substance use disorder and mental health issues that tend to go hand-in-hand with substance abuse. Call us today at (855) 281-5588 and start your recovery journey.

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Addiction Outpatient Program Consists Of:

  • Up to 6 months of care
  • 3 hours of group therapy per week
  • 1 weekly individual therapy session
  • Continued access to psychiatry services and medication management (MAT)
  • Continuation of a holistic set of treatment techniques

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Why It Works

Our Outpatient Program provides the most flexibility, and it’s easy to maintain this level of care if you have work, school, or family obligations. OP allows clients to continue to finish their individualized treatment programs while attending work or school. The OP program is perfect for individuals who need a little more help when stepping down their care, those who have experienced relapse, and those whose schedule doesn’t allow for a higher level of care and commitment. It’s also more affordable than higher levels of care.

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