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AspenRidge REACH program Colorado is an online substance abuse treatment program for anyone who is ready to get sober and stay sober. Our licensed therapists use private, HIPAA compliant video for individual, group, and family sessions – all from the privacy of your own home. We use evidence-based treatment to help you address your drug or alcohol problem, and any underlying trauma and mental health issues that may be contributing to your substance use.

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We accept most major insurance policies, which can cover the cost of treatment so you have little or no out of pocket fees. Paying for therapy can be overwhelming, but we’ll work with your insurance provider to minimize costs. We also offer affordable self-pay options.


Work and family schedules can make it challenging to attend treatment groups and therapy sessions. AspenRidge REACH is 100% online, eliminating the need to travel to and from an office to get the help that you need. Connect with your therapist from the comfort of your own home, and all you need is an internet-connected device.


Recover from the privacy of home. No one will see you except your therapist and confidential recovery group members. Your personal information is private and remains protected.


Individuals that complete Intensive Outpatient Program see significant increases in quality of life around community and family involvement, medication compliance, and maintaining employment.

We accept most major insurance and have affordable cash pay options

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REACH 12-Week Online Intensive Outpatient Program

REACH 12-Week Online IOP is an Intensive Outpatient treatment program, completely online. Our licensed therapists use private, HIPAA compliant video counseling to help you attain sobriety and thrive in life. Our evidence-based treatment includes individual, group, and family sessions – all from the privacy of your own home. Click here to learn more

REACH Online Outpatient Program

REACH OP is an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program for adults. REACH OP part of our extended care model of treatment and our lowest level of clinical care. Our licensed therapists lead OP groups once a week for 90 minutes via our private, HIPAA compliant video counseling. REACH OP is an excellent online option for people who’ve graduated from the IOP program and an alternative for those seeking telehealth engagement following in-person services. Click here to learn more about REACH online OP.

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AspenRidge Recovery offers evidence-based treatment for all levels of care. Our licensed clinicians are trained to treat both substance use disorder and mental health issues that tend to go hand-in-hand with substance abuse. Call us today at (833) 907-3224 and start your recovery journey.

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