About AspenRidge Recovery Centers

AspenRidge Recovery is proud to call Colorado home. With Colorado drug rehab center locations in Lakewood (Denver Metro), Fort Collins, Lone Tree and Colorado Springs we strive to provide the highest quality addiction and mental health treatment for individuals in Colorado.


The AspenRidge Treatment Philosophy


We establish strong roots. 

We believe that healing mental health, trauma and families are at the root of recovery. We focus on healing these systems and providing each individual with the tools they need to grow and sustain long-term recovery. 

The aspen tree analogy 

The aspen tree is very similar to our approach to healing. In the beginning phases of treatment, we focus on clearing the area and stabilizing the individual. Aour clients transition through treatment, roots start to emerge. The individual starts to uncover the underlying issues that contribute to their substance use, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental healthrelated issues. Clients are then empowered to integrate their knowledge and skills to grow into a life of recovery 

Like a colony of aspen trees, our clients are never alone. We provide a safe, life-long community for individuals and their family members to stay connected through sober social events like intramural sports, holiday parties, barbecues, educational webinars and more.  

Recovery is possible and a fulfilling life starts here. 


Our Roots

  • Community. Every human being has a desire to belongFrom the first phone call and beyond treatment, our program creates life-long recovery support for the individual and their family members through our alumni community. 
  • Family Systems: Healing the entire family system is a crucial part of lasting recovery. Our program helps families overcome the frustration and helplessness often associated with a loved one in early recoveryWe help rebuild healthy relationships. 
  • Integration. Addiction shouldn’t be treated in isolation At AspenRidge, we dig deeper than the addiction and examine the layers of each person’s unique story.Our licensed clinicians treat addiction and the underlying roots of trauma, anxiety, depression and other mental health related symptoms.
  • InclusivityUnderneath the label and stigma of addiction is a human being with different cultural influences like ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. These create an individual lens for how people respond to trauma, mental health and addictions. By recognizing this basic truth, we approach treatment with a culturally informed staff who intentionally create a safe place to explore culturaldiversity. 
  • Empowerment. By partnering with our clients, we help them so they can help themselves take ownership of the quality of their life. Our goal is to eventually work ourselves out of a job! 

Our Locations

AspenRidge Recovery offers treatment for substance use, mental health and trauma at four physical locations in Colorado and online for any Colorado, Michigan or Florida resident. Click below to see pictures, get directions and learn more about our treatment facilities.