woman asking smiling therapist about addiction recovery resourcesRecovering from addiction can feel overwhelming and confusing. AspenRidge Recovery is committed to helping you learn and grow in your sobriety. We are one of Colorado’s leading addiction treatment providers and we are committed to helping those in need in any way we can – even if that means our drug and alcohol rehab programs aren’t the right options for you. Check out the links below to find addiction recovery resources and to help answer some of your questions about addiction recovery in Colorado, or feel free to give us a call at (855) 281-5588 to talk to one of our team members at any time. 

Discover Our Recovery Blog

One of our excellent addiction treatment resources is our AspenRidge Recovery recovery blog. You can go to our blog for information evidence-based treatment modality, news, and helpful tips on how to get and stay sober. Our recovery blog can give you insight into what drugs do to your body. Additionally, it can give you a peek into what your treatment process may require. 

Check Out Our Educational Addiction Treatment Resources

Use these websites for recovery resources. These addiction treatment resources can help you or a family member learn more about treatment options. Each of these useful links can tell you a little more about the importance of drug and alcohol recovery. For example:

  • NAATP: In a country where overdose, drugs, and alcohol are on the rise, millions of Americans need treatment for addiction. However, only 10% of those who struggle with addiction get treatment. Organizations such as NAATP can help you understand addiction and help you to find the right treatment facility. 
  • NAMI: Mental illness and addiction often are inextricably linked. In Colorado, AspenRidge proudly supports the National Alliance on Mental Illness, otherwise known as NAMI. NAMI advocates for people who struggle with mental illness and educates the public. Additionally, their end goal is to defeat the stigma of mental illness.
  • SAMHSA: The United States Department of Health and Human Services, offers SAMHSA or the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Their goal is to lower the impact of substance abuse and mental illness around the country. Moreover, they provide guidance, support, and assistance to people who struggle with addiction.
  • ASAM: The American Society of Addiction Medicine is a society that dedicates itself to advancing the quality of addiction treatment. Therefore, they offer education and research for physicians, clinicians, and other medical professionals in addiction treatment to improve your quality of care. 
  • CADA: Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America’s goal is to unite school, parents, youth, healthcare, law enforcement, and media to prevent substance misuse through collaborative community efforts.

Use Our Addiction Recovery Videos

Watch our update videos from AspenRidge Recovery staff. These videos are great resources for people and families who want to learn more about addiction. Also, our addiction recovery videos can help you to understand why addiction recovery is so essential to your future. Watching those videos can help your family see into your treatment process before you begin. They can also introduce you to the caring and inspirational staff at AspenRidge. 

AspenRidge is a Recovery Resource in Colorado

AspenRidge is a local Colorado resource for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We are a big part of the local community, including treatment centers in Lakewood (near Denver) and Fort Collins as well as online addiction treatment throughout the entire state of Colorado. 

In addition to our addiction treatment resources, we provide a full continuum of care, including:

Are you ready to take the first step into recovery? If so, we’re prepared to help. To learn more about our Colorado addiction treatment resources, or to enroll in one of our programs, contact AspenRidge today at (855) 281-5588. 

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When your addiction or mental health disorder becomes overwhelming and detrimental to your life, contact AspenRidge Recovery Centers. You can reach us at (855) 281-5588. With our addiction and dual diagnosis treatment programs in Fort Collins and Lakewood, Colorado, you can start fresh and move forward with confidence.