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Social Drinking Vs Problem Drinking Problems
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Social Drinking vs Problem Drinking

In American culture, drinking can feel like any regular activity, much like going to the gym or booking a massage. We use drinking to fuel our stress relief in many ways. It's also a favorite pastime with friends, a simple method to let loose.…
Alcoholic father
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Is My Dad an Alcoholic?

Almost seven million children in the U.S. have at least one alcoholic parent, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). If you have an alcoholic father, it can be easy to feel alone and worried about your health…
deal with stress without alcohol
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How to Deal With Stress Without Alcohol

Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to life experiences. Anything from everyday responsibilities like work and family to serious life events such as a health diagnosis or the death of a loved one can trigger the onset of stress.…
Drinking A Bottle Of Vodka Everyday
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Drinking 750 ml of Vodka a Day

If asked what type of liquor is preferred, it's likely to illicit a wide range of responses. Not unlike music genres, everyone has their go-to beer, spirit, or wine. When the votes are tallied, however, vodka is a clear winner in the world-wide…
Excessive Beer Drinking

How Many Beers a Night Makes You An Alcoholic?

Alcohol is heavily embedded into the American culture. Every major event is arguably centered around drinking. From summer cookouts, holidays, and career promotions, a toast carries us through all of it. Then there are the thousands of microbreweries,…
Telling Someone About Alcohol Abuse
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How to Tell Someone You’re An Alcoholic

An American Psychological Association survey found that 23% of U.S. adults are drinking more alcohol than pre-pandemic. A report by NBC News found that larger U.S. hospitals had a 50% increase in alcohol-related liver disease since the start…
Medication Assisted Treatment For Alcohol
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What is Antabuse?

Considering that millions of Americans are afflicted with alcohol use disorder (AUD)–15 million in the U.S. alone–addiction specialists have zeroed in on medication assisted treatment options to help with initial recovery. As new medications…
Gender Differences Alcohol Metabolism
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Gender Differences in Alcohol Metabolism

Alcohol can have several different effects on the mind and body, varying from one person to the next. The experience of alcohol within the body relies on body composition, hormones, and neurochemicals. Alcohol can manipulate the body to create…
disease caused from drinking

List of Diseases Caused by Alcohol

It’s often easy to forget that alcohol is toxic whether or not consumed regularly. Although alcohol is one of the most addictive substances available, it’s hardly considered as dangerous as drugs like heroin or fentanyl. But it is. Every…
gabapentin and alcohol side effects
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Gabapentin and Alcohol

Americans are taking more prescription pills than ever before and more than people in any other country. A survey by Consumer Reports finds that around 55% of Americans are taking prescription medications. Pill habits alone can produce harmful…