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Alcohol Poisoning | Alcohol Related Diseases | Aspenridge
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Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning, or acute alcohol intoxication, is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when a person consumes a large amount of alcohol in a short period. It is caused by the high levels of alcohol in the bloodstream,…
What Are The 4 Stages Of Cirrhosis? | Aspenridge
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What are The 4 Stages of Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is a serious condition in which healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue, making it difficult for the liver to function properly. Understanding the stages of cirrhosis can help individuals identify the progression of the disease…
If I Drink A Bottle Of Wine Every Night Am I An Alcoholic?
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If I Drink a Bottle of Wine Every Night am I an Alcoholic?

Enjoying a glass of wine is a favorite pastime for many, and it can easily become a regular occurrence. Drinking a glass when you get home from work while cooking dinner or settling in for your favorite movie or sitcom can be part of a normal…
Cirrhosis Of The Liver | Alcohol Related Diseases | Aspenridge
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Cirrhosis of The Liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is a serious and progressive disease that occurs when healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue. This scarring can impede the liver's ability to function properly, leading to various symptoms and complications.…
What Is A High Functioning Alcoholic? | Alcohol Addiction | Aspenridge
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What is a High Functioning Alcoholic?

Research shows that in 2020, alcohol proved to be even more deadly than illicit drugs, including opioids. The statistics paint a grave picture of the realities of alcohol abuse. What qualifies you as an alcoholic? The stereotype of an alcoholic…
Is Marijuana Addiction Physical Or Psychological | Aspenridge Treatment
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Is Marijuana Addiction Physical or Psychological?

In 2015, about 4 million people in the United States had marijuana use disorder. Over the past few years, the use of Marijuana has increased among the general population. Marijuana is addictive and can cause various adverse effects on the individual…
Marijuana Rehab Center Colorado Addiction Center | Aspenridge
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Marijuana Rehab Center: Colorado Addiction Center

Over the past few years, marijuana has become one of the most commonly abused drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says about 9% of people who use marijuana get addicted. Continuous use of the substance can lead to dependency, which is…
Marijuana Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Center Colorado | Aspenridge
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Marijuana Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Center Colorado

Most people who use marijuana experience marijuana use disorder. Research has shown that about 3 in 10 marijuana users experience marijuana use disorder. People that want to be free from marijuana addiction often seek treatment at rehabilitation…
How To Prevent Opioid Abuse | Aspenridge Colorado
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How to Prevent Opioid Abuse

Despite educational materials highlighting the dangers of prescription narcotics, millions of Americans discover first-hand the perils of opioid abuse. Researchers and drug addiction experts continue to focus on soaring overdose rates attributed…
Signs Of Opioid Addiction | Aspenridge Recovery
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Signs of Opioid Addiction

The prescription says to take one or two tablets every six hours or as needed for pain. You’re not sure, but you feel that maybe you’re crossing the line into chemical dependency. Are there signs of opioid addiction? Most importantly, what…