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What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

What is dual diagnosis treatment? A dual diagnosis is necessary if you or someone you love struggles with addiction that’s complicated by a secondary mental health disorder. For example, depression or anxiety are often present in clients who…
Alcohol Issues
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When Alcohol Becomes A Problem

Alcohol can be fun. It can liven up celebrations or casual dinners. It's often treated as an exciting feature of parties and large events. The culture surrounding alcohol is fueled by energy, liveliness, and a generally positive atmosphere,…
Husband Drinking Too Much Alcohol
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How To Deal With A Husband Who Drinks Too Much

If your spouse has issues with alcohol consumption and is either unable or unwilling to stop drinking, they may be battling alcohol use disorder. Alcohol addiction is a serious problem, hindering many individuals nationwide. The National Institute…
Is My Son Using Drugs
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How Do I Know If My Son Is An Addict?

When a child is born, it can bring happiness and joy to a family. Parents often wonder about the endless possibilities for their child’s future. They imagine what their kids will be when they grow up and how they may help them succeed. One…
what is a co-occurring disorder
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What is a Co-Occurring Disorder?

Mental illness and substance abuse often go hand-in-hand for many individuals. Sadly, facing coexisting disorders like addiction and mental illness can make both disorders considerably worse. Overcoming each is possible and it’s important…
Using Drugs Recreational
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Recreational Drug Use Vs Addiction

They are classified as a chemical substances that people will take for enjoyment rather than for medical purposes as they are intended. Many tend to refer to the use of drugs that are not intended of medical reasons as recreational drug use.…
Parents Addicted To Prescriptions
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Parent Addicted to Prescription Drugs

Addiction can have a profound impact on a family. In addition to health-related concerns, substance abuse can impose financial stresses and cause resentment among family members – particularly children who have a parent addicted to prescription…
Children With Addicted Parents
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My Child’s Father Is An Addict

Few mental health disorders can disrupt a family more than substance use and addiction. Addiction can pose severe consequences within family dynamics, causing immediate and prolonged impacts with those who are within close proximity to the issue.…
Drinking Wine Each Night
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Drinking Wine Every Night Weight Gain

Taking the edge off is a colloquialism that many of us love to use at least once; some of us at least once per day. Let’s face it: a glass of wine (or two or three) helps to balance life’s chaos with time-effective relaxation. Or does it?…
Friend Is Abusing Drugs
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I Think My Friend is Addicted to Drugs

Drug abuse can cause serious damage to many aspects of an individual’s life. Substance use can lead to more severe medical concerns, a decrease in mental health, difficulty in maintaining employment, and relationship challenges.  From an…