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Alcoholism And Divorce | The Divorce & Alcohol Addictions | Aspenridge
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Alcoholism and Divorce

Alcohol use can come with severe costs. It can lead to legal problems, financial stress, unemployment, and cause serious health issues. It can also destroy a family and romantic relationships. Alcohol use is one of the leading reasons couples…
Drinking Out Of Boredom | Hobbies To Replace Drinking | Aspenridge
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Drinking Out of Boredom

Many people struggle with drinking out of boredom, and even if they don’t particularly like alcohol or its effects. Studies have shown that easily bored people are at higher risk of anxiety, depression, drug addiction, alcohol misuse, anger,…
Relationships And Addiction Recovery
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Rebuilding Relationships In Addiction Recovery

Human connection is a fundamental part of life. Every day, we’re creating connections with people we encounter, whether it’s strangers on the bus or in stores, our co-workers, or family members. Various psychological studies have shown…
How Can Substance Abuse Be Prevented
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How Can Substance Abuse Be Prevented?

Many people have difficulties understanding how or why addiction is so prevalent. The idea that a person can become dependent on lethal substances seems to relate more to a lack of willpower, rather than an inability to simply stop. However,…
Lgbtq Addiction Treatment
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LGBTQ Addiction Treatment & Rehab Programs

When it comes to the process of addiction recovery, an extended stay in a rehab facility is often a crucial first step. Those in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual (LGBTQ) community often have special needs in this area. Specific LGBTQ…
Fear Of Failing In Addiction Recovery
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Fear of Recovery

In the United States, roughly 19.4 million American adults who are addicted to drugs or alcohol don’t believe they need help for it, despite information that proves alcohol and drugs can carry lethal or other negative consequences. According…
How Does Mental Illness Affect The Brain | Aspenridge
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How Does Mental Illness Affect The Brain

Mental illness can be generalized and sometimes even dismissed. There’s a long-standing stigma surrounding mental health with many dismissing them as a sign of weakness, instability, or moral failing. Stigmatizing mental illnesses can be detrimental…
Suffering From Depression And Substance Abuse
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5 Symptoms of Depression

Depression afflicts 17.3 million Americans, or just over 7% of the total population. However, that figure only represents those who’ve received a medical diagnosis. While unknown, the actual number is much, much more significant. Although…
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AspenRidge Recovery Now In-Network with Kaiser Permanente

AspenRidge Adds Another Big-Name Insurance Company to its Growing List of In-Network Providers We're thrilled...
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AspenRidge Alumni Headed to Moab for 2022 Camping Trip

2022 AspenRidge Alumni Camping Trip We're going to Moab!! Our annual alumni camping trip will be May 12-15 in...