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Excessive Beer Drinking

How Many Beers a Night Makes You An Alcoholic?

Alcohol is heavily embedded into the American culture. Every major event is arguably centered around drinking. From summer cookouts, holidays, and career promotions, a toast carries us through all of it. Then there are the thousands of microbreweries,…
How To Address Alcohol Withdrawal
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How to Treat Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol has typically been viewed as a harmless pastime. Drinking is a weekend or dinner activity to do with friends, family, and sometimes solo. It’s usually not until drinking becomes excessive and its resulting behaviors become problematic,…
Substance Abuse Group Therapy Treatment
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Benefits of Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction can be overwhelming and frightening, and if you have decided to seek help, congratulations. Many options for treatment are available in Colorado, including highly effective addiction rehab programs.…
Why Would Anyone Do Drugs
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Why Do People Do Drugs?

Science has made incredible breakthroughs in studying the impacts of alcohol and drugs and, ultimately, ways in which effective treatment—including medications—can potentially assist tens of thousands in overcoming substance abuse. However,…
Health Insurance And Substance Abuse Treatment

Does Health Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

The cost of addiction far exceeds any monetary fund. Studies have proven that the consequences of substance abuse disorder have a ripple effect that touches lives beyond just the individual abusing alcohol and drugs. Friends, family, and even…
Admitting You Have A Problem Is A First Step
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Admitting You Have a Problem is the First Step

If you’ve battled with substance abuse, chances are you’ve heard the saying, “admitting you have a problem is the first step in recovery.” There’s only one clear fact with addiction: the disease is not straightforward, and recovery…
Drug Education Resources
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Why is Drug Education Important?

Why is drug education important? Understanding the impact of alcohol and other drugs is undoubtedly an invaluable strength. Knowing how drugs impact the body, the long and short-term effects of substance abuse, and the possible risk factors…
Mental Health And Addiction
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Serotonin vs Dopamine Deficiency Symptoms

Cultivating a happy, calm, and motivated mind that finds ease in concentrating, relaxing, and sleeping soundly is no simple undertaking. There are many factors that affect a person’s mental wellbeing, and one of the most significant is a group…
spiritual addiction recovery

Spirituality in Recovery

There are a number of ways you can move forward with long-term recovery and conquer any addiction issues you’re facing. One way people choose to do that is through a focus on spirituality in recovery. This approach may not be right for everyone.…
supporting someone with an addiction
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Helping Someone with Addiction

Alcohol and drug dependency can be isolating for the 19.7 million Americans intimately familiar with the struggle. The sometimes selfish nature of the disease convinces individuals that it should be handled alone because it’s a personal battle.…