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colorado drug use from legalization

Colorado Legalization Results

More than 200,000 Coloradans know someone who has died from a drug overdose in the last year. Yet, nearly half of those residents indicated they went without needed substance treatment in 2019. Additionally, substance abuse statewide is on the…
Is smoking heroin less dangerous?


Heroin use is one leading cause of overdose deaths in the U.S. each year. The American supply of heroin is manufactured by criminal drug cartels and smuggled into the country primarily through the Southern border with Mexico. It’s rarely pure,…
drinking alcohol to treat PTSD
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PTSD and Alcohol Abuse

As the nation faces a healthcare pandemic and struggles to gain footing on a mounting addiction epidemic, heightened stress and anxiety levels have become the new norm. Still, there are plenty of misconceptions and myths surrounding dual diagnosis…
street names for drugs
Is My Son Using Drugs
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How Do I Know If My Son Is An Addict?

When a child is born, it can bring happiness and joy to a family. Parents often wonder about the endless possibilities for their child’s future. They imagine what their kids will be when they grow up and how they may help them succeed. One…
Using Drugs Recreational
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Recreational Drug Use Vs Addiction

They are classified as a chemical substances that people will take for enjoyment rather than for medical purposes as they are intended. Many tend to refer to the use of drugs that are not intended of medical reasons as recreational drug use.…
Is Dabbing safe?

Are Dab Pens Safe?

With marijuana legal in 18 states and D.C., dispensaries are popping up all over the country. Along with bud and edibles, there’s also a new trend that’s taking the cannabis world by storm: dabbing. But the uptick in new forms of marijuana…
Children With Addicted Parents
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My Child’s Father Is An Addict

Few mental health disorders can disrupt a family more than substance use and addiction. Addiction can pose severe consequences within family dynamics, causing immediate and prolonged impacts with those who are within close proximity to the issue.…
Do i smoke too much weed?

Am I Addicted to Weed if I Smoke Every Day?

With recreational marijuana legalized in 18 states and Washington D.C., and medical marijuana legal in another 37, millions of Americans are picking up the pipe daily. For most people, pot isn’t a problem, and they can use it and not develop…
Black tar heroin

What is Black Tar Heroin?

All opiates or opioids are made from substances derived from the poppy plant. If you're unfamiliar with the flower, it was the reddish-orange flower Dorthey, and the Tin Man strolled through in The Wizard of Oz. This includes heroin, opium,…