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drug facts in colorado

Colorado Addiction Facts

Surprising Colorado Addiction Facts In 2012, Colorado passed Amendment 64, effectively legalizing marijuana across the state for adults 21 or older. Colorado was the first state to pass such a law. While there are proponents and opponents of…
dangers of pain meds
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Am I Addicted to Pain Meds?

Prescription pain meds, although used to treat chronic pain and medical conditions still pose extreme risks to users. If you're questioning: am I addicted to pain meds, consider taking our assessments found below. It happens more often than…
long term effects of cocaine abuse
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What Are The Side Effects of Long-Term Cocaine Use?

Despite it being highly addictive and problematic for many Americans, cocaine use continues to grow in every state across the nation. What are the side effects of long-term cocaine use, though? With it being glamorized in Hollywood, can casual…
heroin drug addiction signs
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Signs of Heroin Abuse

What are the signs of heroin abuse, and how can learning the symptoms help prevent catastrophic damage to individuals and families?  Heroin use is a leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. Heroin addiction, a well-known disease impacting…
street names for drugs

Drug Street Names

[vc_single_image image="1777" img_size="full"]Addiction thrives on secrecy and deception. Individuals suffering from substance abuse often hide their habits by using slang to refer to specific substances. A wide variety of drugs have street…
codependency and addiction
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Codependency and Addiction

Addiction is a challenging disease. It is multifaceted and can have a severe impact on a person’s mental and physical health as well as relationships both personally and professionally. Through active addiction, individuals are prone to disastrous…
drug and alcohol rehab for women

Women’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Drug and alcohol treatment incorporates many different factors. These factors are often studied and tested, then implemented to ensure the optimum potential for an individual to recover from substance abuse addiction. Some factors utilized include…
Is couples rehab safe
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Is Couples Rehab Safe?

Substance addiction in the United States is widespread, and, in recent years, has become a much discussed public health concern. Substance abuse costs the U.S. an estimated $740 billion each year, and it wreaks havoc on millions of lives. But…
famous people substances abuse
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Celebrity Substance Abuse

Contrary to what many people believe, addiction isn’t just confined to street gangs, deviants, and the homeless. As a leading disease throughout the world, drug addiction does not discriminate against color, race, creed, or gender. It carries…
dangers of xanax addiction
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Snorting Xanax — Side Effects and Dangers

Snorting Xanax: Alprazolam Substance Abuse & Addiction Anxiety is the most common mental illness affecting 40 million adults in the United States or 18.1% of the population. In response to this growing mental health concern, anti-anxiety…