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How Long For Dopamine Receptors To Heal | Aspenridge Recovery
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How Long for Dopamine Receptors to Heal?

Dopamine has long been considered a “pleasure chemical” closely linked to the disease of addiction. When referring to a dopamine rush, many associates it with the brain’s natural reward system that activates key neurochemicals during activities…
Why Mental Health Matters | 10 Importance Of Mental Health | Aspenridge
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Why Mental Health Matters

Mental health matters. It’s connected to nearly all facets of life and is a driving force for how we are able to interact with peers, loved ones, and even strangers. It is also connected to our physical wellbeing, helping us to maintain certain…
How Does Mental Illness Affect The Brain | Aspenridge
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How Does Mental Illness Affect The Brain

Mental illness can be generalized and sometimes even dismissed. There’s a long-standing stigma surrounding mental health with many dismissing them as a sign of weakness, instability, or moral failing. Stigmatizing mental illnesses can be detrimental…
Drugs And Mental Health | Psychological Effects Of Drugs | Aspenridge
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Drugs And Mental Health

It’s common for society to dismiss drug abuse as a character flaw or loss of impulse control. There is a long-standing stigma associated with addiction, as many chalks it up to a simple inability to just say no. When we carefully examine the…
Substance Abuse & Rock Bottom Depression
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Hitting Rock Bottom Depression

When referring to substance abuse, hitting rock bottom is common occurrence. The phrase is often heard or used to mean there is no further way down. Many people consider it another way of stating, it’s the end of the road. Hitting rock bottom…
Suffering From Depression And Substance Abuse
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5 Symptoms of Depression

Depression afflicts 17.3 million Americans, or just over 7% of the total population. However, that figure only represents those who’ve received a medical diagnosis. While unknown, the actual number is much, much more significant. Although…
First Step In Treating Addiction
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The First Step Of Drug Addiction Treatment Is To

We're often told that the hardest part of any journey is the first step. This is the moment that initiates real change. Reaching this early milestone can take willpower and serious commitment. As with any journey, the path to recovering from…
Benefits Of Friendship In Recovery
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Friendship In Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a very isolating disease, one that often causes riffs between friends, family, and other colleagues. As substance abuse becomes more problematic, individuals will look for ways to separate themselves from loved ones in an effort…
Emotions In Addiction Recovery
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Emotions In Recovery

It’s often thought that the early stages of addiction recovery are most crucial in sustaining long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol. While it may be true that the early days are among the most difficult, recovery is not a linear process.…
Why Do I Get Anxiety After Drinking Alcohol
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Quitting Alcohol Cured My Anxiety

It’s not unusual for people to use alcohol to alleviate anxiety. However, the relationship between anxiety and alcohol use disorder can become a dangerous, self-perpetuating cycle. Scientific research reveals how habitual drinking amplifies…