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Why Mental Health Matters | 10 Importance Of Mental Health | Aspenridge
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Why Mental Health Matters

Mental health matters. It’s connected to nearly all facets of life and is a driving force for how we are able to interact with peers, loved ones, and even strangers. It is also connected to our physical wellbeing, helping us to maintain certain…
What Is Integrated Treatment For Co Occurring Disorders | Aspenridge
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What Is Integrated Treatment For Co-Occurring Disorders?

When someone is suffering from mental health conditions and substance use disorders, it is called co-occurring disorders. Co-occurring disorders are very common as it is rare that mental health and substance use disorders aren’t linked, but…
Shame And Addiction Recovery

Shame And Addiction

Shame is an isolating, debilitating emotion that can cause many to suffer from feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness. Routinely experiencing shame can feed the cycle of addiction, especially if substance misuse is prevalent or if alcohol and…
How Drugs Impact Society

Social Effects of Drugs

Addiction is a complex disease, not only in the way that it affects an individuals health, mentality, and habits, but it also bears significant impact on friends and loved ones. Drug abuse is not limited to a user. On a larger scale, substance…
Alcohol in the liver
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How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System?

How long alcohol stays in your system depends on several factors, most importantly, on your liver’s ability to break it down. You may have heard the term BAC, which stands for blood alcohol concentration (sometimes content) and is the amount…
What Are The Dangers Of Drinking Moonshine

Is Moonshine Dangerous?

Like many other fads that were historically glorified, moonshine is a distilled beverage that’s making a killer comeback. There are many rumors that surround the potent spirit, including myths of it leaving you blind, brain-damaged, and even…
Forcing Someone To Go To Addiction Rehab

What States Can You Force Someone Into Rehab?

Is there anything more devastating than not being able to help a loved one? Behind every American suffering through the hurt of substance abuse stand numerous family members and friends suffering along with them, mining the depths of their hearts…
What is antabuse?
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How Long Does Antabuse work?

Antabuse is an oral medication taken to discourage people from consuming alcohol. When taken correctly, users will become violently ill shortly after drinking alcohol. It is used in the treatment of alcohol use disorder.      How…
Living With High Functioning Alcoholism

CTA Test Post

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Living With High Functioning Alcoholism

Living With A High Functioning Alcoholic

Living with a high functioning alcoholic can be a heavy burden to carry for family members. Aside from its health impacts, alcohol abuse can destroy personal relationships with a spouse, children, and even friends. It can increase stress and…