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What is antabuse?
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How Long Does Antabuse work?

Antabuse is an oral medication taken to discourage people from consuming alcohol. When taken correctly, users will become violently ill shortly after drinking alcohol. It is used in the treatment of alcohol use disorder.      How…
what is a co-occurring disorder

CTA Test Post

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Living With High Functioning Alcoholism

Living With A High Functioning Alcoholic

Living with a high functioning alcoholic can be a heavy burden to carry for family members. Aside from its health impacts, alcohol abuse can destroy personal relationships with a spouse, children, and even friends. It can increase stress and…
what is a co-occurring disorder

How to Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed (in Recovery)

Changing a lifestyle can be extremely hard, possibly due to the fear and confusion of altering habitual activities and routines. Our daily routines are important for providing a sense of control over strong emotions. Unfortunately, not all practices…
Battling Substance Abuse In Jail

What Happens to Drug Addicts in Jail?

The sad realities of drug abuse are not exclusive to its impacts on health. In fact, issues frequently cascade, affecting outside factors, including family life, the workplace, and the community. Communities nationwide are riddled with the complex…
what is a co-occurring disorder

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Negative Effects Of Peer Pressure

Effects of Peer Pressure

Overall, there are two types of effects of peer pressure: negative and positive. In life, we are often influenced by the lifestyle of our peers. Those we are close with, whether it's family, friends, classmates, or co-workers, to some degree,…
what is a co-occurring disorder

Why does my addicted loved one’s therapist keep telling me to go to Al-anon?

Laura Whitcomb, LPC, CACII As an adult child of two alcoholic parents I was seeking answers. I recall my first Al-anon meeting. I went in there and ranted and raved about all the ways my parents had wronged me. Though it felt good to speak…
what is a co-occurring disorder
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Addiction and Relationships

Generally speaking, addiction and relationships do not mix. While it is possible to stay in a relationship with someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the relationship is often affected by the addiction. It often creates a dynamic that…
what is a co-occurring disorder
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National PTSD Awareness Day

National PTSD Awareness Day 2019 is meant to increase awareness about PTSD throughout the country and the world. Many people are affected by PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) on some level due to an event that happened in their past. Events…