Every individual’s journey to recovery is different. Because substance use disorder is varying, complex and often accompanied with underlying mental health struggles, treatment should be dependent on the individual. For some individuals, inpatient treatment is appropriate. However, Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a common option for those struggling with addiction that have work or family obligations during the day. AspenRidge Recovery offers three different evening intensive outpatient programs in Colorado for those that want freedom from addiction, while maintaining employment and social obligations.

blonde woman smiling outside after the intensive outpatient program in coloradoIntensive outpatient rehab or IOP in Colorado is an excellent choice for individuals who need flexibility with scheduling and locations to find the help they need to recover. Individuals completing IOP see significant increases in quality of life within their community and family. They are better able to manage their medications and maintain employment, all while keeping their recovery intact.

What to Expect from an Intensive Outpatient Program Colorado

While the quality of treatment doesn’t differ between residential and our intensive outpatient program, there are significant differences in how the treatment is acquired. Rather than enter a facility and live there usually at least 28-days while treated, in IOP patients come to a facility around their schedule for a few hours a week. Our IOP in Colorado allows individuals seeking treatment for addiction, mental health, and trauma to remain engaged in their daily lives. For many individuals, daily commitments can’t be put on hold. Also, the support of friends, family, and the stability of work helps keep them in control, making treatment more effective. Early intervention through an intensive outpatient program Colorado improves not just work productivity but an individual’s quality of life.

At AspenRidge Recovery’s intensive outpatient program Colorado residents can expect the following:

  • 10 hours of therapy each week
  • Psychiatry and medication management/MAT services
  • Recovery support services
  • Evening group hours
  • Case management
  • Family sessions

While patients attend IOP, they will have access to a variety of addiction therapies. We design each of our therapeutic options in consultation with patients to fit their specific needs. Some of these therapies include:

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Stress management and balanced-life skills.

At the same time, they’ll develop techniques for rebuilding trust with partners and family as well as repairing the damage done due to addiction to their interpersonal relationships. As patients move through recovery, they develop a plan for aftercare. This involves self-care strategies as well as those to help maintain stability during times of vulnerability. Doing so reduces the risk of relapse and contributes to building and participating in a supportive recovery community.

AspenRidge Intensive Outpatient Programs: REACH, Community IOP, and Professional IOP

  1. REACH Online Intensive Outpatient Program: This is Colorado’s first 100% Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment program. It is a 12-week (36 sessions) intensive outpatient program that provides individual, group and family therapy via confidential, HIPAA-compliant technology. This program is designed for clients for whom distance or physical presence is a barrier, such as those who are far from a treatment facility, unable to leave the house due to family commitments, have social anxiety or trauma responses making in-person meetings difficult, or anyone desiring extra anonymity.
  2. Community Intensive Outpatient Program: This is our 6 to 12-week intensive outpatient program ideal for individuals transitioning down from a higher level of care, such as a 30-day residential treatment program and/or a 90-day partial hospitalization program. The primary focus is to create a therapeutic environment for clients to process issues and receive support related to managing one’s recovery while integrating back into their daily life and is designed to help assist clients navigating the challenges associated with reconnecting with family, friends, and rebuilding trust.
  3. Professional Intensive Outpatient Program: Over 12 weeks, this program gives working adults an environment where you can focus on building your recovery while remaining in the workforce. Designed to engage a working adult in a supportive therapeutic environment while he/she works to create a foundation for their recovery in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. You will address topics such as stress management, creating a work-life balance, and rebuilding trust with partners and family.

AspenRidge Recovery

When you or a loved one is ready to seek treatment for substance abuse, it’s important to find the right treatment program. At AspenRidge Recovery, we promise to support you as you fight against the disease of addiction. Your recovery is our top priority. Thus, we offer a variety of drug and alcohol treatment options to fit your unique needs, such as our intensive outpatient program Colorado residents know will meet their needs.

AspenRidge Recovery is Joint Commission accredited promoting long-term recovery for those suffering from mental health, addiction, and trauma. You don’t have to struggle alone. We’re here to help. Contact us today at (855) 281-5588 to learn more and begin your recovery.

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