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Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal for Women

Addiction can take many forms and has many faces. Alcoholism is one of those faces and is one of the most common forms of addiction. Withdrawal from alcohol, although it is dangerous, is a doorway we must go through to find sobriety. Tools like an alcohol withdrawal guide help, but they won’t get you clean. Tools […]

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Symptoms of Alcoholism

You have a drinking problem. In fact, you worry that it’s gotten much worse. Are you exhibiting the symptoms of alcoholism? Do you know what they are? Do you know how to find the treatment you need for help? What is Alcoholism? Therapists recognize that the symptoms of alcoholism fall into at least three stages. […]

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What Is A Functioning Alcoholic?

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimated more than 15 million adults aged 18 years and older had alcohol use disorder in 2015. Therefore, about 6.2 percent of the adult population, nearly 10 million men and 5.3 million women, struggled with alcohol use disorder. Unfortunately, a sizeable number of those don’t fit the stereotype of […]

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How to Help an Alcoholic

There’s a fine line between enabling and helping someone with an alcohol use disorder. Frequently, this line blurs when you live with the person whom the addiction snared. Would you know how to help an alcoholic? Most importantly, do you fully understand the condition yourself? Alcoholism is a disorder that often requires the intervention of […]

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Alcohol and Anxiety

  It is fairly well known that alcohol consumption can increase anxiety over time. It is more well known, however, that alcohol can allow shy or anxious people to come out of their shells more easily to socialize. This dichotomy between alcohol and anxiety is troublesome at the least. Using alcohol to calm anxiety and […]

CTA Test Post

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The Cycle of Addiction: The Physiological Process and the Concept of Homeostasis

Many factors contribute to the development of substance use dependency. One of those factors is a physiological process that happens over time with continued substance use and may not be noticed by the user because it happens so incrementally. Awareness of a problem only arises when the person experiences an inability to stop using. Therefore, […]

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Anxiety and Depression: When They Co-Occur With Substance Use Disorder

Anxiety and depression are both mental health disorders that sometimes co-occur with addiction. Anxiety may make you feel restless, nervous, and like you can’t stop worrying. Depression may make you feel sluggish and sad like life is never going to get better. It can become difficult to get through a day when you bundle one […]

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The Gateway…

“If you use marijuana, you will end up using more dangerous drugs” is a phrase commonly heard when people talk about substance use problems and how they develop. The notion that the use of a substance viewed as less harmful will lead to the use of harder, more addictive substances is known as Gateway Theory […]


What Is Gender-Specific Treatment? Exploring Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options

What is gender-specific treatment? Gender-specific treatment is a rehab program that separates men and women into individual groups and engages them separately. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers in Fort Collins, CO, offer gender-specific programs for clients who feel more comfortable recovering away from a co-ed environment. There are no male clients present in a […]