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Marijuana Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Center Colorado | Aspenridge

Most people who use marijuana experience marijuana use disorder. Research has shown that about 3 in 10 marijuana users experience marijuana use disorder. People that want to be free from marijuana addiction often seek treatment at rehabilitation centers. Fortunately, rehabs have different treatment programs for people struggling with marijuana addiction which will help them recover.

Various treatment options are available for people experiencing marijuana addiction at AspenRidge Recovery Marijuana Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Center Colorado.

These programs use valid approaches to help individuals stop marijuana abuse and dependency. To know more about it, contact us today at (855) 281-5588.

Marijuana Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Center Colorado

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is an individual’s inability to stop using marijuana despite causing health issues and other problems in their lives. In other words, the person cannot control or stop the substance use. As a result, people who use the substance experience marijuana use disorder over time.

Also, marijuana addiction can increase the risk of developing anxiety. Later on, the individual may develop anxiety and marijuana addiction. This condition can lead to chronic mental health disorders.

Anyone who uses marijuana can develop dependence and addiction over time. Some risk factors increase the tendency of an individual to experience marijuana use disorder. Below are some of them:

  • Family history of addiction
  • Other mental health conditions, such as psychiatric disorder
  • Loneliness

Marijuana use can cause dependence. Although it varies among individuals, most people tend to develop a dependence on the substance after prolonged use. Young people who start taking marijuana in their adolescent years tend to develop marijuana use disorder compared to others. Below are the signs of marijuana use disorder:

  • Frequent intake of marijuana
  • Cravings for the substance
  • Continuous use of marijuana despite health issues and other problems
  • Total or partial disengagement from friends and relatives
  • Withdrawal symptoms when stopping substance use.

How Does Addiction Treatment Work?

Common addiction treatments include inpatient and outpatient programs. The type of treatment an individual with marijuana addiction needs varies. It depends on the extent of the addiction and the mode of treatment that will benefit the person.

What Does Addiction Treatment Entail?

There are various treatments for people struggling with marijuana addiction. However, over the past few years, medication and behavioral therapies have proven effective in treating marijuana use disorder. This treatment mode helps relieve the individual of the withdrawal symptoms and helps them recover.

How Does Addiction Treatment Work?

What Is the Best Treatment for Marijuana Addiction?

There are various treatments for marijuana addiction. The treatment ranges from medications to rehabilitation for people struggling with marijuana addiction. Rehab is one of the best treatments for marijuana addiction.

Rehabilitation programs have shown a commendable success rate when dealing with marijuana addiction. Most rehabs combine medications, therapies and counseling to treat their patients, and this method has worked. Some of the modes of treatment of marijuana addiction some rehabs have adopted  are listed below:

  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy.
  • Medication-assisted therapy.
  • Outpatient and inpatient, and online rehab.

In addition, rehab for people struggling with marijuana addiction can either be inpatient or outpatient. The facility an individual will use depends solely on the kind of treatment.

Inpatient Facility

An inpatient faculty is a hospital primarily for diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating people struggling with marijuana addiction. The inpatient facility ensures the patient is appropriately treated and recovers from marijuana addiction. They also provide engaging activities for these individuals to aid their fast recovery from addiction.

Outpatient Facility

The outpatient facility involves a hospital that is majorly designed for individuals struggling with marijuana addiction. These individuals go to the hospitals for diagnosis and treatment without being admitted. The patient attends the hospital for treatment during the day and returns home before evening time.

This type of rehab has a lot of benefits to offer the patient. It is affordable and allows the patients to go to their places of work. Also, this treatment allows the patient to seek maximum support from their relatives and friends.

What Is The Best Treatment For Marijuana Addiction?

Where Is the Best Rehab for Marijuana Addiction

Some characteristics are peculiar to rehab centers to make it good for people struggling with marijuana addiction. Below are some of the features of good rehabilitating center:

Individual and Group Counseling Sessions

The treatment programs in a good rehabilitation center should include frequent individual and group counseling. During the counseling sessions, the professionals involved will inform the patients about the behavioral therapies available. Also, both the patient and the counselor will develop possible ways to cope with the struggles of marijuana addiction.

In addition, patients may have relationship struggles due to addiction. However, group counseling will bring the participants together and help them form new relationships. Also, the team will work together to support one another on their journey to recovery.

Dual Diagnosis and Treatment for A Co-occurring Mental Health Disorder

It is common for people struggling with marijuana addiction to experience a co-occurring mental health disorder. Therefore, a good rehabilitating center should have treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. There should be a good treatment plan for these people to have an improved quality of life.

A Long-term Treatment Plan

Studies have shown that there is an increase in the success rate for people that are exposed to long-term treatment plans. It is recommended that the treatment plan should be for at least 90 days for effectiveness. Depending on each patient’s need, some people may use more than 90 days.

Family Program

Most times, addiction affects not just the individual but the entire family. Therefore, the treatment programs should include family members of the people struggling with marijuana addiction. It will help to improve the mental health status of the entire family. Also, family programs will prevent the addiction from spreading to other members and future generations.

There are a lot of rehab centers out there for people struggling with marijuana addiction. AspenRidge treatment center is the best choice because it fits into the description of an excellent rehab. At AspenRidge Marijuana Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Center Colorado, finding a suitable treatment plan for yourself or a loved one is easy.

Dual Diagnosis – Marijuana Use Disorder

People experiencing marijuana use disorder are at a higher risk of developing other mental health problems. Over time, they may develop problems with memory, behaviors, mood and learning.

An individual with a dual diagnosis has both marijuana addiction and a mental health disorder. It is common for these conditions to occur together in an individual. Research has shown that about half of the people that are experiencing marijuana addiction are also experiencing a mental health disorder. Unfortunately, the interaction of the two conditions can worsen the health of the individual concerned.

It is important to note that these conditions exist together does not mean that one caused the other. However, a substance such as marijuana can change how the brain works, causing a mental disorder.

Therefore, it is important that an individual with a dual diagnosis should treat both conditions. Medications and therapies are the major treatments available for people with dual diagnosis.

Get Treatment From AspenRidge Treatment Centers!

It is not easy to recover from addiction on your own. Therefore, there is a need for a good rehabilitation center for yourself or your loved ones. AspenRidge Recovery offers treatment for people struggling with marijuana addiction and other substance use disorders.

These people can get help through treatment programs at Marijuana Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Center Colorado as soon as possible. AspenRidge Recovery has different centers in Fort Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs, all in Colorado.

In addition, there are different marijuana addiction treatments peculiar to each individual. For questions, clarifications, and to know more about AspenRidge Recovery, contact us today at (855) 281-5588.