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How To Taper Alcohol Use
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Is Tapering Off Alcohol Safe?

Alcohol is a deadly substance that impacts millions of Americans annually. More concerningly, alcohol is widely accepted by families, friends, and society in general. As one of the most difficult substances to quit, alcohol consumption can carry…
Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention
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Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

The realities of prescription drug abuse show the dangers of medications when taken inappropriately. Unfortunately, many Americans are battling with dependency on drugs prescribed by physicians. According to, the average age when…
How Do Drugs Impact Life
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How Do Drugs Affect Your Life?

Substance use disorder is characterized as a progressive disease that can cause a person to lose control of their lives in ways they never thought possible. The effects of substance misuse and abuse can have a critical impact on several aspects…
What Is Nss 2 Bridge
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NSS-2 Bridge

The Bridge (NSS-2 Bridge) appears small but has huge potential for helping fight the opioid crisis in America. The NSS-2 Bridge is an innovative device recently approved by the FDA to aid in opioid withdrawal pain. It is appears not much…
New Street Drug Paint
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Paint Drug

Drugs come in all shapes and sizes. With the increasing development of street drugs, it’s easier than ever for our children, particularly teenagers to be put at risk by getting their hands on drugs. A new street drug currently plaguing schools…
Addiction And Drug Abuse

Financial Effects of Drug Abuse

The financial burdens of substance abuse can have carry drastic effects on individual and families. The effects of substance abuse can significantly impact the person suffering in a multitude of ways. It might seem common knowledge that substance…
Does Alcohol Affect Progesterone Levels Socialfeatured
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Does Alcohol Affect Progesterone Levels?

For many, alcohol is considered a large part of socializing and a way of relaxing. But, when do we recognize that a quiet drink on the weekend has turned into a more frequent occurrence? Can alcohol affect the way your body feels and functions?…
Alcohol And Rem Sleep Social
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Alcohol and REM Sleep

It’s heartbreaking to witness a loved one fall into the clutches of alcohol use disorder. Day by day, you notice a little piece of the wonderful person they are fading away and the alcohol taking over. Eventually, the alcohol seizes full control,…
Getting Sober When You're Older
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Getting Sober At 40

For those who struggle with an addiction, it may feel like the time has passed to seek help. We want you to know that your life is worth getting sober, no matter what age you are. Many people believe that they are "too old" to try and kick an…
Addiction Dependence And Tolerance Terms
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Difference Between Addiction Dependence and Tolerance

It's a common misconception that terms associated with harmful behavior concerning substance abuse are interchangeable. The difference between addiction, dependence, and tolerance reveals the spectrum of addiction. Out of 8.1 million drug users,…