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If you believe you or someone you love suffer dependence on alcohol, simply knowing some common signs of this disease helps you identify your next steps. But you should never let doubt keep you from getting the help you need. Simply suspecting addiction points to a clear need for help. To see the truth of the problem, get to know the common signs of alcoholism.

Severe Signs of Alcoholism

Many common signs of alcoholism exist. One or more of these signs help you see the problem for what it is, a true disease requiring help from licensed professionals. But some of these signs prove hard to identify. The depth of the alcohol abuse also plays a role in the urgent need for help and recovery.

One of the biggest signs of alcohol dependence is isolation. People with a drinking problem often spend a great deal of time alone to drink in private and cover their alcoholism. This isolation makes it hard to know if alcohol is the issue, or if they suffer other problems like depression or drug abuse.

Besides drinking alone or keeping secrets about drinking, other signs of alcohol abuse include:

  • Suffering blackouts or memory loss
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Making up reasons to drink
  • Making drinking a priority
  • Suffering frequent hangovers
  • Changing social circles or friends for those who drink
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not drinking

Poor personal hygiene or a changing appearance is another sign pointing to a substance use problem. You should never ignore any of these signs. They form a clear view of needing help from a licensed alcohol addiction treatment program.

Knowing If You Suffer Alcohol Addiction

If you doubt your own sobriety or need for recovery, asking yourself some key questions can help you understand whether you need treatment. Professionals use a series of questions to know if someone needs rehab. You can use these questions, too. One such set of questions, known as CAGE, helps you see the truth of your alcohol use. If you answer yes to two or more of these questions, you need rehab treatment.

CAGE questions ask, “Have you ever felt you should cut back on how much you drink?” The next question is, “Do people act annoyed by my drinking or criticize me for it?” Follow this with, “Do I ever feel bad or guilty about my drinking?” Finally, ask yourself, “Have I ever had alcohol first thing in the morning to feel good enough to start my day?”

These are only some of the questions used to know whether someone suffers from alcoholism. But they form a good foundation for making your decision about cutting back on your drinking or entering rehab treatment for a better life.

Get Help Today

If you do suffer alcohol addiction, you need rehab treatment. This treatment should include:

If you see these signs of alcoholism in yourself or someone you love, contact AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins now at 866-957-6941. By calling, you learn about available programs and gain insurance verification.

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