Day IOP Program

Navigating the different programs available for substance use and mental health treatment can be challenging. You might be wondering what an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is and if that level of care is right for you. The truth is, addiction and mental treatment plans need to be personalized for each person’s situation. At AspenRidge Recovery, we offer a continuum of care focused on transitioning clients through different levels, which provides better and sustainable long-term recovery.

What is a Day IOP Program?

PHP Program AspenRidgeOur Day Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is the second step in our continuum of care, but since no two situations are the same, some people may begin with Day IOP. The program provides intensive therapy in group and individual settings and our recovery residences. In combination with Day IOP, our sober living homes offer a supportive, accountable place to live while transitioning through our care. 

A standard Day IOP experience provides up to 60-days of treatment for adults suffering from mental health, complex trauma, and substance use disorders. Our programs are based on need, and your stay might be shorter or a little longer. Day IOP consists of 15 hours of group therapy per week and weekly individual therapy sessions focused on mental health and trauma-based therapies. We also provide access to psychiatry services, medication management, and various treatment techniques, like brainspotting and EMDR, offered by our skilled staff of licensed therapists. 

The Day IOP Program allows clients a safe and accountable way to test their skills in real-world situations while still having a supportive team to rely upon. They can use our treatment professionals to and troubleshoot potential problems and identify roadblocks. Clients will also start to connect with our Alumni Coordinator, who leads workshops on resume building, budgeting, and future sober living options. 

What are Recovery Residences?

The recovery residences are essentially sober living homes operated by AspenRidge Recovery. They add an extra layer of stability and accountability to your recovery. While staying in our houses, you’ll attend local 12-step meetings five days per week, so you can begin or continue to develop a network of sober friends and support. We also provide a membership to a local gym and transportation several times per week. Weekly grocery trips, an allowance, and transportation is also provided. You are free to cook your meals or order takeout from a local restaurant if you prefer.

Benefits of the Day IOP Program

  • It combines the best aspects of outpatient and inpatient treatment in a less restrictive environment.
  • You can rely on structure and accountability but don’t feel trapped in an inpatient, residential treatment center.
  • If you’ve started treatment elsewhere, PHP can also act as a bridge between residential and outpatient treatment. 
  • It stabilizes clients, so they can step down to our Day IOP program and return to work or school. 

AspenRidge Day IOP Treatment Locations in Colorado

AspenRidge Recovery offers Day IOP at two of our four locations in Colorado. We operate a treatment center and recovery residences in Fort Collins for those living in Northern Colorado. For individuals living in the Denver area, we also have a location in Lakewood. Both rehab center locations provide the same outstanding treatment and care services.

To learn more about the advantages of our Day IOP programs in Colorado to enroll in our drug and alcohol treatment programs, call AspenRidge today at (855) 281-5588. Addiction recovery is within reach with AspenRidge Recovery Centers. Contact us today to learn more.

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