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facing addiction in your relationship
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I’m In Relationship With An Addict

Addiction is a disease. Too frequently, this disease impacts not only the person struggling through an addiction, but those that are within close proximity. For those on the outside looking in, watching an addiction takeover a person's life…
medication risks for anti-anxiety treatment
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Dangers of Anti-Anxiety Medications

The most common mental illness in the United States are anti-anxiety disorders. Currently, almost 40 million adults in the U.S. age 18 and older suffer from an anxiety disorder. In Colorado, nearly 27% of the population face some form of anxiety…
does substance abuse come before addiction
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What Comes First Depression or Substance Abuse?

Mental health and addiction are so intertwined that many question: what comes first, depression or substance abuse? The criteria utilized for an official diagnosis are quite similar for both. In order to unravel the mental health and addiction…
anti anxiety medication addiction
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Buspirone Interactions & Anti-Anxiety Medications

Depression and anxiety are leading causes of mental health disorders and are associated with the increased risk of morbidity, mortality, poor quality of life. These and other risk factors that can drastically increase a person's dependency on…
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AspenRidge Recovery’s Telehealth Program Wins Big at the American Business Awards®

AspenRidge Recovery's Telehealth Program Wins Big at the American Business Awards® Colorado Treatment Center Honored for its Efforts to Bring Recovery to Underserved Communities LAKEWOOD, Colo., May 18, 2020—AspenRidge Recovery, a Colorado-based…
how to stop being an enabler
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How to Stop Being an Enabler

Addiction and Enabling Go Hand-in-Hand Substance abuse doesn’t just affect the addicted person. When someone has a drug or alcohol problem, it profoundly impacts the lives of those around them. Addiction has a special way of weaving chaos…
mixing drugs and antidepressants

4 Drugs that Don’t Mix with Antidepressants

Antidepressants like citalopram and sertraline can help people overcome depression. At the same time, they can have adverse reactions when mixed with other drugs. People who are prescribed medication for depression should be careful about which…
woman in an alcohol stupor at the table while man wonders what is substance use disorder for his girlfriend
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Recovery Resources During COVID-19: We’re Still Open!

AspenRidge wants to take this time to keep the recovery community connected and offer resources to our clients, staff and the community. Over the next few weeks, we will be hosting several online events and offering support in any way we can…
close up of man taking notes while woman asks what is dual diagnosis treatment colorado

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

What is dual diagnosis treatment? A dual diagnosis is necessary if you or someone you love struggles with addiction that's complicated by a secondary mental health disorder. For example, depression or anxiety are often present in clients…
woman in an alcohol stupor at the table while man wonders what is substance use disorder for his girlfriend
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What Is Substance Use Disorder?

A National Survey on Drug Use and Health, released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in 2017, stated that about 18.7 million adults in the United States had a substance use disorder. That equates to…