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Is Addiction a Mental Health Issue?

We need to start talking about addiction in terms of mental health.  We now have enough scientifically tested and reviewed evidence that substance use is not some moral failing. Many people associate mental illness with diagnoses like anxiety and depression, but did you know there is a mental health diagnosis called substance abuse disorder? According […]


Tips for a successful Dry January

Some people give Dry January a try because they want to see if they can abstain from alcohol for a month, or just want to start the new year differently. Whatever your motivation, there are some universal tips for making it through the month sans booze. We’ve compiled a list of tips for staying sober […]


Dry January

What Is Dry January? Dry January is an annual campaign encouraging people to go without drinking alcohol for the first month of a new year. The term first began appearing (as far as our research showed) in the 2000s when Seattle Times Reporter Nicole Brodeur published a column describing her yearly efforts after being encouraged […]


How is Cocaine Made?

Cocaine is a highly addictive Schedule II narcotic stimulant and is typically sold as a white powder or small clumps that are then broken up. It is primarily snorted but it is also injected, smoked, or added to other drugs like marijuana (a 51er joint). This information is commonly known but people are still wondering, […]

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How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System?

How long alcohol stays in your system depends on several factors, most importantly, on your liver’s ability to break it down. You may have heard the term BAC, which stands for blood alcohol concentration (sometimes content) and is the amount of measurable alcohol in your blood. How Long Does Alcohol Stay In A Person’s System? […]