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codependency and addiction
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Codependency and Addiction

Addiction is a challenging disease. It is multifaceted and can have a severe impact on a person’s mental and physical health as well as relationships both personally and professionally. Through active addiction, individuals are prone to disastrous…
support and enabling
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Support Versus Enabling

The complexities of addiction make it extremely difficult to overcome. Among the many factors to consider is how to identify whether or not substance abuse is becoming problematic. Here is a Free Drug Abuse Screening Test that may help shed…
signs of alcohol withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Some addictive substances, like alcohol, are legal which make them easy to obtain and abuse One in five adults in Colorado report drinking excessive amounts, and statistics indicate that as many as five deaths occur per day from alcohol misuse.…
recovery coaching and addiction support
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Takeaways from Recovery Coaching

Last week, I ordered new business cards with my full title, Alumni Coordinator and Certified Recovery Coach at AspenRidge Recovery. That still amazes me as I write this. If anyone had told me that would be my title three years ago, I would have…
words of affirmation for addiction recovery

Powerful Affirmations for Addiction Recovery

Words can often serve as key motivators for individuals and families seeking positive change. Many who have embarked on a journey to sobriety have proclaimed how important positive recovery words are to the process. Everyone comes from a vastly…
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Spirituality: Simple But Not Easy

Spirituality: Simple But Not Easy By Debi Anson   When newcomers first come into the rooms of any 12-Step program, spirituality and the higher power concept can sometimes be more difficult to accept than the idea of powerlessness.…