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What is The 12 Step Program?

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Even after completing a successful drug and alcohol detox center program, most recovering addiction sufferers need additional support to stay sober. That support could come from a lot of places, including sober living housing, family and additional outpatient counseling. In lieu of or in addition to these options, the most conventional form of outside support is what people know as 12 Step programs. But what is the 12 step program, and how can it help?

12 Step Programs

So, what is the 12 Step program? Way back in 1935, Bill Wilson, who had a drinking problem, had a chance meeting with another person with a drinking problem. The two men spent time helping each other with their respective problems. The result of the initial meeting was, in fact, the first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA.

Through the years, AA developed the actual “12 steps of recovery,” a concept that people could easily apply to other addictions. In the 1950s, Narcotics Anonymous came into being, using the very same concepts AA had introduced during the prior 20 years.

Quite literally, AA and NA are fellowships of men and women who all have one common goal, stop drinking or using. Membership is free, though members can make donations to pay for refreshments, literature and meeting facilities.

What is the 12 Step Program for Recovery?

When members attend a 12 Step meeting, they do so of their own free will. Meetings are available all over the world. All a new member has to do is enter the room and simply ask for support. They will soon find out that other members will join them in the fight against their addiction.

There are two facets to these programs. The first is sharing. During a standard meeting, members will share about their addictions and recovery. The premise is the information they are sharing will help new members identify with others. While no one forces anyone else to share, most members find doing so is therapeutic.

At the core of what is the 12 Step program is the aforementioned 12 Steps of recovery. These are sequential steps that form a staircase to the heights of a lasting recovery. Established members usually serve as sponsors to the newer members at the newer member’s request. The two of them will work together on the 12 steps in order until completion. The 12 steps focus on five basic concepts:

  • Taking responsibility for one’s actions
  • Admitting those transgressions to others
  • Making amends when possible to those people who were hurt
  • Turning oneself over to a higher power (not necessarily a religious figure)
  • Helping other people who are suffering from an addiction

Help at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood

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Tens of millions of people worldwide attend some type of 12 Step program. For certain, you will not be alone in your search for addiction treatment and support after establishing your recovery. If you are ready to fight your addiction, contact AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood at (855) 281-5588.

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