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What is Executive Rehab?

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A person with professional status faces unique challenges if they need drug or alcohol rehab. In response, executive rehabs are popping up to provide service that targets this group. The specific benefits that come with an executive rehab program will vary by the facility, but the primary goals are the same. What is executive rehab?

What is Executive Rehab?

An executive, by definition, is a person in a senior management role – someone with C-suite status. For example, the chief operating officer (CEO) of a corporation is an executive, as is the chief financial officer (CFO). “Executive” is a loose term, though, so it could apply to the manager of a department or the manager of a department store.

White-collar workers have up to three times higher risk of addiction. They are also the ones that usually grow into executives. Once they reach that level, their addiction becomes easier to cover up, too. Eventually, it catches up to them, and they look for a rehab that offers luxury, a home-like environment, and targeted treatment.

Executive rehab is a program that services this specialized group of individuals. The services will vary but, ultimately, it boils down to creating a sense of exclusiveness and caring. For example, group sessions might be made up of executives only. The scheduling for treatment may be more flexible, too. The biggest concern is privacy protection, though.

For people with a management role, executive rehab gives them a way to protect their reputations, as well. The participants tend to have high profile jobs. Executive programs are typically upscale, with costs that may reflect exceptional amenities like private dining rooms and remote locations.

What are the Treatment Characteristics?

Executives have high-stress jobs, and stress is a trigger for drug use and relapse. With that in mind, most executive rehabs will make coping skills a focus of the treatment along with behavior modification.

From there, the treatment is very similar to what you would see with any rehab program. They will often start with drug detox and include either residential or outpatient care. Some benefit from a hybrid program like partial hospitalization that allows them to spend the day in treatment but return home at night.

Executive rehab will likely have a step-down program with intensive therapy and aftercare services, as well. Aftercare works to help them transition back into their lives after treatment while helping to support their sobriety.

Where to Look for Executive Rehab?

Once you answer the question, “What is executive rehab?”, the next step is to find one. AspenRidge Lakewood offers you intensive outpatient care in a warm, welcoming environment. We provide executives with the level of treatment they need as well as the flexibility important to their busy lives. Other services available at AspenRidge Lakewood include:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Aftercare program
  • Drug detox
  • Partial hospitalization

AspenRidge Lakewood has a 90-day drug rehab program focusing on holistic treatment to heal the whole person. There are also mental health treatment options for conditions like depression, bipolar disease, and anxiety. You can turn to AspenRidge Lakewood for the treatment of any addiction. For instance, we treat heroin, opioid, alcohol, opiate, prescription drug, cocaine, meth, marijuana and synthetics drugs, and stimulants.

We believe in providing a combination of a nurturing environment and high-quality service. AspenRidge has full accreditation by the Joint Commission, meaning we meet the strictest of standards. We also provide some of the most innovative treatment options, like neurofeedback therapy.

What is executive rehab? It is a specialized treatment service catering to top-level professionals. If you are interested in exploring treatment options like this at AspenRidge Lakewood, give us a call today at (855) 281-5588. We are here to help.

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