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What is a Substance Induced Mood Disorder?

When you seek help for your drug or alcohol addiction, you possibly suffer other conditions along with that substance use disorder. In fact, mental health problems like mood disorders prove very common in addiction. Either these mood problems lead to substance abuse and addiction, or you develop a substance induced mood disorder. Which condition came first matters less than getting the help you need.

Substance Induced Mood Disorder Signs

A substance induced mood disorder is a type of depression. This depression comes from substance use, like that of alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit drugs. If you find yourself stuck in the cycle of addiction, this cycle possibly includes a mood disorder.

You can recognize this type of mood disorder because you suffer deep depression for longer than a typical drug or alcohol “crash.” You possibly even lose interest in all aspects of your life. Many people feel suicidal with a mood disorder. If you feel suicidal, you need immediate help from a hospital, such as through a depression treatment program.

Sadly, many of those suffering these symptoms turn back to their drugs or alcohol to soothe their feelings. But instead of helping their mood, their continued substance abuse only makes the depression worse. Since you think of your substances as making you feel good in the past, you likely suffer some denial about how they actually cause depression.

There are many types of mood disorders and depression. So diagnosing your problem is not as easy as it sounds. Your doctor or addiction specialist in your addiction therapy program must gain an understanding of your symptoms and the substances you abuse. They also need to know about your mental health history, such as when you were not abusing drugs or using other substances possibly responsible for your depression.

Drugs Often Responsible for Mood Disorders

You can suffer a mood disorder with or without substance abuse. However, a mood disorder caused by drug or alcohol abuse often leads to very deep depression and a worsening addiction. Different drugs affect your mood in different ways. So the substances you abuse play a big role in the type and depth of your mood disorder.

Medications like antibiotics and steroids prove as likely to cause a mood disorder as illicit drugs or abused prescription medications. Some common drugs causing mood disorders include:

  • Alcohol
  • Hallucinogens
  • Inhalants
  • Opioids
  • Sedatives
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines

Help for Your Substance Induced Mood Disorder

If you suffer depression because of your substance abuse, you need help from a quality addiction treatment program. Doctors refer to the help you need as dual diagnosis treatment. Through dual diagnosis treatment, you gain help for your substance abuse and mental health problems at the same time.

The specific type of programs and services you need include:

All of these programs and services take place in Lakewood, Colorado at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood. Through insurance verification you gain a clear understanding of how your insurance policy pays for treatment at AspenRidge Recovery. This also tells you the amount of your out-of-pocket expense, if any.

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