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Relapse Triggers

Relapse triggers are situations in which your environment, your emotions, or someone or something around you causes you to crave alcohol or drugs. The triggers reignite your urge and cause you to want to act on it. Triggers are difficult to overcome because they create a pattern that you must break.

The best way to overcome your relapse triggers is by putting a relapse prevention plan into place. A treatment specialist can assess your addiction and help you develop a plan based on your past or current triggers. If you have any further questions on how to combat your relapse triggers, then feel free to contact AspenRidge Recovery today. We can answer your questions and help you overcome your addiction.

Two Types of Relapse Triggers: Internal and External

Triggers can come from anywhere and happen when you least expect it. For instance, you could drive down a road and see a billboard ad for alcohol or drive by your old bar and suddenly feel a craving. Or, you may feel something internally that suddenly creates a trigger. You can learn more about triggers through our Lakewood, CO drug addiction therapy programs.

External Triggers

External triggers may include people, places, or things that you associate with your addiction.

  • You may run into some old friends that you used to party with
  • A liquor store could be located on your way to and from work every day
  • Some empty pill bottles in the garbage suddenly trigger your opioid use
  • A smell, sight, or sound may remind you of your addiction
  • Your coworkers invite you out for some drinks after work

These are examples of external triggers. They are situations or things that draw you back into your addiction. Some high-risk external triggers may include parties, getting paid, stressful situations, being alone for too long, holidays, sports events, and restaurants with bars. You can find out how to control these triggers through our alcohol detox center.

Internal Triggers

You can manage your external triggers because you can change your environment. Internal triggers are not as easy to ignore or change because they involve thoughts, emotions, feelings, nostalgia, or memories. Many of these thoughts and feelings remind you of your past addiction.

The best way to handle your internal triggers is to explore your treatment options, such as:

The right therapy can help you restructure your thinking. You can replace your connections with addiction to connections with something else more positive.

What to Do When You Have Relapse Triggers

If you would like to find out more about what you can do to overcome your triggers or addiction, then contact AspenRidge Recovery at (855) 281-5588. Our addiction treatment specialists offer detox, immediate treatment, and long-term support to help you overcome your relapse triggers. We can help you get clean and stay clean after you recover from substance abuse.

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