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Are you depressed or anxious? Do you have a drinking or drug problem? Take this 3 minute quiz to see if our licensed therapists would recommend a substance abuse or mental health treatment program. Which program is right for you?

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substance use and mental healthDo mental health problems cause substance use or do substance use cause mental health concerns? Understanding how mental health and substance use are connected is a vital component to assess when participating in recovery or rehabilitation. Mental health disorders and substance use disorders are considered to be co-occurring disorders. This means both mental health problems are happening at the same time that a substance use disorder occurs. AspenRidge is dedicated to holistically serving all clients and we understand the unique needs of all people. To properly understand each individual’s needs, AspenRidge has designed brief self-assessments or quizzes that are easily accessible. These assessments are short, but they do have a significant impact on the rehab process. They allow for personal exploration of substance use patterns and behaviors, as well as the opportunity to discuss mental health and drug and alcohol use with highly trained staff members.

How Can AspenRidge’s Quiz Help?

AspenRidge offers several programs and is able to address several different types of concerns. Not only is AspenRidge able to address substance use concerns, but they are also able to help address overall mental health functioning. AspenRidge has designed a brief, 3-minute self-assessment quiz to help direct individuals seeking professional mental health support during their recovery process.  AspenRidge also offers a separate quiz that is focused on alcohol and drug use. Gain access to each corresponding quiz by visiting the following links:

Proper assessment is an important step in the recovery process. By engaging in AspenRidge’s evidence-based assessments, both clinicians and patients are able to achieve better outcomes for recovery. The questions asked on AspenRidge’s Substance Use and Mental Health Assessment are questions created by the American Psychological Association and are currently used by several rehabilitation and counseling clinics. The assessment provided by AspenRidge is a condensed version of a longer assessment from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, 5th Edition. Prospective clients are encouraged to participate in the online assessments and will be offered the opportunity to speak with staff at AspenRidge regarding the results of the assessment. The staff at AspenRidge is determined to aid in keeping information confidential and is able to discuss possible treatment methods and programs through multiple contact methods.

Why are Mental Health Assessments Important for Rehab?

Mental health assessments are a critical piece to understanding alcohol and drug rehab. Mental health and drug use often coincide with one another, meaning alcohol use often exists with depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, and several other disorders. According to Psychology Today, although mental health disorders can be caused by several factors, substance use is often a devastating component to all mental health illnesses. The National Bureau of Economic Research states, “there is a definite connection between mental illness and the use of addictive substances.” The NBER estimates individuals with mental health concerns account for approximately 38% of alcohol use, 44% of cocaine use, and 40% of nicotine use.

Unfortunately, the relationship between mental health and substance abuse is often confusing and is misinterpreted and can lead to significant judgments by friends, family, and even clinicians, counselors, and physicians. AspenRidge dedicates itself to offering judgment-free mental health and substance use treatments. The assessments provided by AspenRidge are the first step in assessing ongoing mental health concerns that may contribute or exacerbate an ongoing struggle with substance use and addiction. Our dual diagnosis center programs are uniquely designed to address both situations.

How Accurate Are Mental Health Assessments In Determining Drug Use and Abuse?

mental health and substance useSelf-assessments have been a growing tool utilized in rehabilitation. They are oftentimes a shorter version of longer assessments. Researchers have developed thorough and ethical questions to allow for the appropriate gathering of data and information. Proper development of self-assessments allows the patient and clinician to obtain a more accurate picture of substance use.

Most mental health assessments utilized by clinicians and drug abuse facilities follow the necessary guidelines for ethical and safe assessments. Years of research have helped clinicians understand the common concerns and factors that may place someone at higher risk for mental health and drug abuse concerns. The research continues to grow to this day, however, there have been several assessments that have focused on better understanding the relationship between mental health and drug use. Some common mental health and drug use assessments include:

  • Tobacco, alcohol, prescription medication, and other substance use Tool (TAPS)
  • NIDA Drug Use Screening Tool
  • Brief Screener for Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
  • Drug Abuse Screen Test – 10 or Drug Abuse Screen Test – 20

These assessments are often utilized to help understand the level of drug abuse and how it can impact mental health. Mental health and drug abuse are important to understand together as they often impact one another and lead to significant life challenges.

Mental health assessments and drug use assessments are often performed together and are often performed by a trained clinician. Because of the difficulty of accessing certain interviews and assessments, several clinics and rehabilitation facilities have devised their own quizzes that use the research based questions from several certified and established screeners. AspenRidge utilizes the most up to date and accurate information to aid in their online self-assessment quizzes.

Can I Speak to AspenRidge Before the Quiz?

Yes! AspenRidge is happy to help in any way. AspenRidge staff is highly trained in assessment and able to provide further information. It is highly encouraged for prospective clients to contact AspenRidge Recovery Centers at (855) 281-5588 to speak to staff about various programs or to verify different insurance plans. Gaining knowledge prior to taking the steps towards recovery is important and AspenRidge is determined to help in the recovery process.

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