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Once you have completed drug detox and rehab programs, you will emerge sober and ready to fight back against the risk of relapse. However, getting sober is not the same as staying sober. To learn how to stay sober, it is always smart to get professional guidance. Here are some of the most effective ways to stay sober once rehab is over.

Create a Solid Support System To Learn How to Stay Sober

No one has to go through addiction recovery on their own. That is usually a sentiment you hear about in withdrawal or in treatment, but it is just as true once treatment ends. No one has to deal with obstacles solo. Having a support system can hold you accountable and make it much, much easier for you to stay on track.

Your support system should be unique to you, your lifestyle, and your needs. Sometimes, family members can be an ideal form of support. You might prefer to build a support system from your peers, or it might be best to rely on friends you have met through recovery programs.

Avoid Situations Packed With Temptations

One of the biggest myths surrounding sobriety is that you can go straight back to your old lifestyle and stay sober with ease. Your old lifestyle is what caused you to struggle with substance abuse in the first place, so it will probably be problematic today as well.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to make big changes to create new, healthier environments. You might move to a new home or cut out friends that were also using drugs or abusing alcohol. Instead of meeting up with friends at bars, seek out ways to meet your friends for a coffee, a yoga class, or to do some shopping at the mall. In short, create your own environments that are free from common temptations.

Establish a Healthy Routine With New Habits

During a formal recovery program, you know how to stay sober because you have a set schedule every day. In fact, it is incredibly hard not to stay sober. When you’re living on your own, you might benefit from establishing your own regular routine.

A new routine means that you can establish new healthy habits. You won’t have to decide whether to eat breakfast or go for your morning walk because it will be an inherent part of your day. This also makes it easier to stay sober since you can reserve your willpower for the decisions that truly matter.

Find Outlets Where You Can Relieve Your Stress

In a life skills training program, clients will learn how they best relieve stress. There are countless ways to deal with stress in your life, but everyone has their own preferred methods. During rehab, it is important to figure out what works best for you and get in the habit of doing it regularly.

For you, that might mean going for a walk when you’re stressed. It could also be calling up a friend for a chat, cooking a fancy dinner for your family with music on, or going to a local support group meeting.

Learn How to Stay Sober For Life at AspenRidge

At a drug detox center and rehab center like AspenRidge, clients can learn how to maintain their newfound sobriety. A variety of treatments make it easy to stay on track, and they show clients how to remain sober for a lifetime. Common techniques and therapies include:

The best place to learn how to stay sober is in recovery. Contact AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood in Colorado at [DirectNumber] for more information and insurance verification.

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