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How to Stay Active in Recovery While Social Distancing

How to Stay Active in Recovery while social distancing by Primary Therapist Brianne Renley

In early recovery, I was repeatedly told by another person in recovery “no matter what, we don’t pick up.” With everything going on, it is important to remind myself that there is truly no situation that will be made better by following my addiction. We are all going through an interesting time right now. We all have a chance to grow from it. Recovery is about adapting. So that is what we are doing.


Here are some resources for everyone to keep their recovery going strong during the challenge:


AspenRidge Online Recovery Support Meetings

Every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 8PM: 


AA Grapevine


In the Rooms


AA Chats


Live Online AA Meetings


S.M.A.R.T. Recovery Online


Life Ring Online Meetings


Al-Anon Electronic Meetings


North Colorado AA

Get updates on in person meetings nearby.


Facebook – These groups are helpful for exchanging information and staying connected.

Northern Colorado AA Coronavirus Info

Happy Joyous and Free

Friends of Bill Field Trips



This is an online collection of discussion communities. If you are unfamiliar with reddit, this article may be helpful


Here are some great Reddit Communities.

/R/Stopdrinking – Alcohol support group

/R/Leaves   – support for quiting all THC related substances.





Recovery Radio Network

Website or podcast with lots of speaker tapes and recovery discussions to listen to.

*you can also look it up on itunes



AA Speaker Tapes



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