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Drug Rehab Center

Welcome to AspenRidge Recovery Centers, a sanctuary for those seeking freedom from substance dependencies. We are a renowned drug rehab center located in Colorado, offering specialized facilities in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Lakewood.

Our center is a beacon of hope, providing comprehensive and empathetic care for individuals grappling with drug addiction. Our dedicated and professional team is here to extend essential support and guidance, leading you through a transformative journey to recovery. At AspenRidge, we integrate evidence-based and holistic approaches to address the root causes of addiction, helping individuals reclaim their lives and embark on a healing journey.

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Colorado Addiction Treatment Center

AspenRidge Recovery is a leading Colorado substance abuse treatment center with established locations in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Lakewood. Our qualified staff provides compassionate support to clients and families in need of care and guidance during a time when you need it most. Our experienced and licensed therapists utilize proven treatment modalities to address underlying issues that can lead individuals to substance dependency, including severe trauma and mental health. We aim to give you the care you need to begin regaining control over life and begin your healing journey.

Moreover, our treatment centers start with a comprehensive approach that allows us to take a multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment in Colorado. In specific, we begin with a pre-screening questionnaire regarding mental health history, substance use, and more. We seek to identify possible underlying factors that may contribute to the primary issue at hand. During this time, we remain steadfast in helping you overcome your issues while remaining compassionate. After all, drug addiction impacts everyone differently and, thus, cannot be treated without first addressing the experiences that may have facilitated in alcohol or drug dependency.

If you are facing an uphill battle of substance dependency and in need of a safe support system, you can trust our staff.

AspenRidge Recovery uses both evidence-based and holistic approaches to help our clients find the strength to continue their fight against addiction. We truly believe that overcoming addictions begins with healing in the body as well as the mind. For this reason, we are certified in treating co-occurring mental health issues. Learn more about what sets AspenRidge Recovery apart from other Colorado substance abuse treatment programs.

Addiction Rehab and Treatment

Reality can hit hard and substance use can cause physical, emotional, financial, and social impacts on individuals. For this reason, our Colorado addiction treatment center and programs focus on the whole person. You are not alone in your fight against addiction.

You may feel like getting out from under the spell of substance abuse and dependency is a constant uphill battle. We understand this struggle and work to help you find your inner strength through individual, group, and family therapy. Our addiction treatment programs use evidence-based approaches, one of which includes our dual-diagnosis program.

Drug Rehab Center

Through our proven methodology, we can focus on underlying mental health issues while simultaneously working through specific substance use and abuse. While we take on a 12-step approach, our programs are much more comprehensive and tailored to every individual’s needs. AspenRidge Recovery’s knowledgeable, licensed addiction therapists can give you the tools to help you to overcome an addiction.

Our initial admissions process at our Colorado substance abuse treatment center is dedicated to understanding how your unique history has impacted your life and inherently hindered your ability to maintain sobriety. Our admissions team will ask questions about your medical, personal, and family history, insurance benefits, and more. We listen and take the time to get to know you in order to help you find the best treatment program for you!

Our accredited success-based treatment therapies include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Neurofeedback Therapy, EMDR, and other alternative therapies. Clinicians and psychologists who work with clients with addictions recognize that recovery from addiction is a lifelong process.

We’re here to assist you in every step of the path to enjoying long-term sobriety.

Why Choose Aspenridge Recovery?

Why Choose AspenRidge Recovery?

We treat substance use disorder and drug addiction by addressing mental health and complex trauma. Our clinicians are certified and experienced in treating different types of addiction. Our staff truly cares about success and our outcomes speak volumes to our treatment approach. AspenRidge Recovery employs some of the best clinical staff at our Colorado substance abuse treatment center. Further, individuals that complete our programs see a significant increase in the quality of life around community and family involvement, medication compliance, and maintaining employment.

Our knowledgeable, trained counselors work with every client to find the right balance both in treatment and through transitions. Those who are addicted to substances are encouraged to become acquainted with all types of addiction treatment and to be actively involved in the planning of their personal treatment plan.

Drug Detox and Withdrawal Management

Understanding Drug Detox:

Drug detox is the initial step in the recovery process, where the body eliminates the toxins accumulated from prolonged substance use. It is a crucial phase as it prepares the individual both physically and mentally for the rehabilitation journey ahead.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms:

Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe, depending on the substance used, duration of use, and individual health conditions. Symptoms may include anxiety, depression, nausea, and intense cravings. At AspenRidge Recovery Centers, we employ medical interventions and supportive care to alleviate discomfort and ensure the safety of our clients during this challenging phase.

Medically Supervised Detox:

Our Drug Rehab Center offers medically supervised detox, where a team of healthcare professionals monitors clients around the clock, administering medication as needed to manage withdrawal symptoms and prevent complications. This approach provides a secure and supportive environment, allowing clients to focus on their recovery.

Transition to Rehabilitation:

Once the detox process is complete, clients transition to the rehabilitation phase, where they engage in therapy sessions, counseling, and other treatment modalities to address the psychological aspects of addiction and develop coping strategies for long-term recovery.

Drug Detox And Withdrawal Management

AspenRidge Recovery program provides transitional care when the time comes that you are able to move from this residential facility back to your home, work, and community. We also provide an unsurpassed level of support for transition out of treatment and beyond through our alumni programs.

For more information on our alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs in Colorado and to verify your insurance, call our admissions team now at (855) 281-5588.

Continuing Care

Once you graduate from our Colorado substance abuse treatment program, you won’t be alone. AspenRidge Recovery understands that the first year in recovery can be incredibly difficult and is vital to ongoing success and a positive outlook. Our AspenRidge Alumni Program allows you to remain confident in the transition back to your friends, family, and community. Our alumni community is strong and we plan fun events to keep you engaged with the sober community in Colorado.

Our Alumni Program offers support in a variety of ways including:

  • Monthly Alumni Group: peer accountability, interpersonal relationship strengthening, and fellowship
  • Weekly Alumni Speak Meetings: alumni share their experience, strength, and hope with current clients of AspenRidge Recovery
  • Monthly Networking Events: dinners, barbeques, workshops
  • Monthly Physical Activity: hiking trips and campouts

Our alumni program allows you to stay connected to our therapists, fellow clients, and supportive staff members. Participate in annual sobriety group fun activities, and rest assured that you can always reach one of our staff members 24/7 for immediate support.

For more information and to arrange a tour at one of our addiction treatment in Colorado at our two locations in Lakewood (near Denver) or Fort Collins, CO call us at (855) 281-5588.

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