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addiction treatment onlineLooking for the best online substance abuse treatment program in Colorado? AspenRidge Recovery recently launched AspenRidge AspenRidge Virtual Care, a 100% online Intensive Outpatient Program (5-Day IOP) for adults. We specialize in mental health, complex trauma, and addiction. Our trained and certified staff offer effective dual diagnosis treatment for individuals suffering from mental health and substance abuse. Contact us today to learn more about our virtual 5-Day IOP at (855) 281-5588.

The long-held standard in addiction treatment and substance abuse recovery has been in-house residential programs. Inpatient treatment is seen as the most effective means of assisting individuals and families overcome the disease of addiction. Unfortunately, inpatient treatment facilities are often expensive. and require a minimum of 30 to 60 days—sometimes longer—of on-location commitment. The outpatient treatment model, which allows clients to show up to receive treatment on-location and return home to sleep, has become substantially more prevalent given the number of outside factors and obligations that individuals have from day today.

Health care professionals are continually discussing methods that allow more American’s to receive the treatment they need. Online treatment programs create that possibility. Promising evidence is starting to support online drug addiction and mental health treatment modalities. There are many different advantages to these types of programs. Let’s review the ways in which digital accessibility allows for the best online substance abuse treatment program.

Substance Abuse Treatment & Accessibility

In 2016, about 21 million people aged 12 and older needed substance abuse treatment. Unfortunately, only 18% received needed addiction treatment. Many go untreated for various reasons. For instance, they may be reluctant to seek treatment because they live in an area where treatment centers are not widely available. In general, some of the most common reasons that individuals will not receive treatment include:

  • Cost
  • Logistics
  • Shame/Stigmas

Fortunately, there are more options available today than ever before for working professionals and individuals who may not have the means to commute to a treatment location. Some of these options include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Group Therapy and free community resources
  • Private/Individual Therapy
  • Online Substance Abuse Programs

The best online substance abuse treatment considers accessibility, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and success rates.

Best Online Substance Abuse Treatment: What Does it Entail?

Online treatment for mental and behavioral health uses digital technology as a means of delivering psychotherapy.

Given that most of us are already accustomed to being tied to the world wide web, it’s not a far stretch to consider online substance abuse programs as a viable treatment modality. It’s critical that health services consider the benefits of online in terms of effective treatment for many Coloradans that may not have adequate access to the assistance and care they require.

In Psychology Today, Ph.D. Adi Jaffe notes, “the high dropout rate and low success rates [of inpatient programs] are no surprise, given that most traditional rehab facilities are costly, time-intensive, isolating and shame-inducing.” Unfortunately, for many, isolation is not only ineffective, but it also contributes to the  idea that certain individuals may not successfully overcome their substance abuse struggles without 24/7 support. While it may be true in some instances, the bigger issue is that addiction impacts everyone differently. Allowing individuals to find the tools they need to integrate into their everyday lives allows them to more seamlessly flourish when accomplishing the feat of recovery and sobriety.

How Does It Work?

best online substance abuseEvery treatment center is different and most programs will create their own approach in providing supportive services and evidence-based therapy and substance abuse counseling. In general, licensed therapists and medical professionals can meet with patients over remote video or phone calls instead of seeing them in person. Many refer to this approach as telehealth or telemedicine. 

Treatment programs may combine other modes of therapy via smartphone apps, text messaging, video conferencing, and much more.

How Successful are Online Treatment Programs?

Yale researchers discovered that those who struggled with substance abuse were more likely to complete online treatment than those in standard substance abuse treatment programs. A six-month follow-up study also showed that those who were enrolled in the online program used the coping skills and strategies more effectively. Researchers cited an American Journal of Psychiatry study that showed a significantly higher rate of participants who maintained sobriety.

The study at Yale confirmed that web-based programs and treatment options were in favor of effective treatment. In fact, about half of the subjects dropped out of standard counseling and one-on-one sessions with therapists, whereas only a quarter dropped out of the web-based program. The AspenRidge AspenRidge Virtual Care program sees 20% higher attendance rates than in-person 5-Day IOP. Nearly 68% of those using the web-based program no longer met official diagnostic criteria for substance abuse, compared with 43% for standard counseling and just 52% for one-on-one therapy.

Online treatment is effective for addiction recovery and can easily be incorporated into an already existing process for mental health counseling and substance abuse programs.

Best Online Substance Abuse Treatment Program

AspenRidge AspenRidge Virtual Care online treatment program offers licensed therapists who provide the same effective and supportive services as their already established inpatient and outpatient programs. There are numerous advantages to selecting AspenRidge AspenRidge Virtual Care as the best online substance abuse treatment program. Some of these advantages include:

  • Accessibility
  • Cost-Effective
  • Zero stigma
  • Total privacy
  • Flexibility
  • Quality Care
  • More autonomy over your treatment
  • Time-Effective

Online substance abuse does not have to be an inferior substitute for in-person treatment. Technology has allowed us the ability to address a frequent need within health services as it pertains to mental health, substance use and abuse, plus areas that prevent many Coloradans from finding adequate care in a time they need it most.

Lionrock Recovery

Lionrock Recovery also offers an online substance abuse treatment program aimed at fitting into the busy schedule of its participants.

Lionrock’s individualized treatment plan has received high accreditation scores from the Joint Commission, a respected healthcare quality organization.

Lionrock begins its online treatment program with a patient assessment. The next step is for counselors and patients to collaborate on a treatment plan tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Programs include both individual and group counseling as well as support group discussions. Patients can access online treatment through a secure video conference system.

Smart 5-Day IOP

Smart 5-Day IOP touts itself as combining two effective treatment strategies: intensive outpatient and online therapy. First, participants select a smart sponsor. Next, he/she sets up a user secure account with smart 5-Day IOP. The one-on-one treatment promises twice the contact of other 5-Day IOP treatment programs. Using smart tools, participants have eleven sessions with the assessment team. They may access the seventy videos to watch with their smart sponsor. Weekly support group sessions occur offline.

Planted Recovery

Planted Recovery also bills itself as an intensive outpatient online treatment program. Participants have access to telehealth where they can co-manage their treatment plan, schedule activities, and communicate with their care team on personal dashboards.

The holistic approach aims at addressing individual patient needs, beginning with stabilization. Case management aims at improving participant life by building an emotional and spiritual foundation with a view to lasting recovery.

AspenRidge Virtual Care: Colorado’s Online Substance Abuse Treatment

best online substance abuse treatmentAspenRidge AspenRidge Virtual Care is a program designed for anyone who is ready to get sober and stay sober. Our staff uses private, HIPAA compliant video for individual, group, and family sessions, from the privacy of your residence. Our licensed therapists provide the same evidence-based treatment to help you address your drug or alcohol problems, plus mental health factors that may contribute to your ongoing struggle.

At this time, we offer two comprehensive programs. As one of the best online substance abuse treatment options, these programs are focused on helping you find and live a healthier life. Select between a 6-week and 12-week online intensive outpatient program.

AspenRidge Virtual Care Reset – 6-Week Online Recovery

In this virtual recovery reboot, individuals will be empowered to address mental health and wellness and make healthier decisions about substance use. Over the course of 6 weeks, clients will work with experts to evaluate their own relationship with drugs or alcohol. In addition, they will participate in online support groups, individual coaching, live group sessions, guided meditations & yoga, and much more.

AspenRidge Virtual Care – 12-Week Online Intensive Outpatient Program

Our other 100% online program is our 12-week course. With AspenRidge’s AspenRidge Virtual Care, you or your loved one will work with a licensed clinician to help address underlying factors that contribute to substance use to help clients discover sobriety, long-term. It includes 12-weeks of individual, group, and family sessions. Clients will receive 10 or more hours of online therapy, relapse prevention tools, peer support, skill-building, and more.

Every situation is unique. In order to understand how effective online treatment can be for you or someone you love, it’s important to seek out information as it pertains to specific substance abuse treatment programs. Different approaches should be considered. In addition, it’s important that the treatment center you select is equipped to tailor to your needs. Perhaps family or work obligations are preventing you from finding a life away from substance abuse. Online intensive outpatient programs might be something to consider.

For more information on AspenRidge’s AspenRidge Virtual Care Colorado’s best online substance abuse treatment contact us 24/7 at 855-281-5588.