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Women And Mental Health Issues

Due to the nature of mental health and drug abuse issues, many people are not forthcoming in stating their problem. The staff at AspenRidge Recovery in Lakewood, CO, offers an idyllic setting in which to achieve your spiritual and physical health. Imagine your life free from debilitating addictions and illnesses! We figured why not utilize the natural, beautiful surroundings of the Rocky Mountains on your quest to achieving inner and outer greatness. Our program has a rehabilitative drug component as well as a mental health component. When the two come together in dual diagnosis, we assist you there as well. Are you a male or female looking for mental health therapy programs? AspenRidge Recovery is the place to be.

Mental Health Issues That Only Women Experience

The National Institute of Mental Health or NIMH offers a wealth of information that you can access on the Internet. Gender-specific mental health issues are just beginning to get targeted attention in research circles. There is no way to give a black and white version of how mental health affects women as opposed to its effect on men. It is important to note that mental disorders affect everyone differently. Mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety, are more common in females. In fact, they are the most common mental health concerns for both sexes. 

The mental health issues that only women experience are related to hormones. Namely:

  • Perinatal Depression
  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
  • Perimenopause Related Depression  

These conditions are related to estrogen and progesterone levels, as well as childbirth and other hormonal events. Though these maladies are specific to women, mental health, in general, is experienced by both sexes. However, they are experienced in different ways and require individualized professional attention

Non-Gender Mental Health Issues

Some non-gender specific symptoms of a mental health issue can be:

  • Associated with suicidal thoughts or ideas 
  • Extremely high and low mood swings

This is not an exhaustive list, and there are many more symptoms that you may experience. Having open communication with a professional is the beginning. Learning how to combat mental health issues requires discussion. Women are accustomed to taking care of others at times to their detriment. When things go askew, it’s essential to learn the signs. This is not something that has to be kept to yourself. You can call us here at Aspen Ridge or speak with your family physician or a mental health provider.

Women experience these disorders differently, and professional therapeutic intervention is the best course of action.

The National Institute of Mental Health or NIMH recommends  

Treatment for Mental Health

If you reside in Denver or in the surrounding areas, you would love this picturesque treatment facility. 

We offer these programs:

In addition to the above, we specially offer treatment programs for Trauma, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorders Anxiety, and Depression.  

Specialized drug treatment programs include Process Addiction Treatment Program, as well as programs for Heroin, Opioid, Alcohol, Prescription drugs, Cocaine, and Meth addictions.

AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood

We are sympathetic to your needs. Know that you are going to be with people who care. Though we are a regulated facility, we want to bring a comfortable home-like atmosphere to the drug treatment space. Regardless of our professional credentials, we offer you true friendship and genuine concern in your battle against mental health issues as well as drug addiction. 

Aspen Ridge Recovery has a comprehensive program. Find out through our Insurance verification process whether we accept your insurance or not. We will work with you to find the best solution to address the cost of treatment. Contact AspenRidge Recovery at (855) 281-5588 today. 

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