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5 Facts About Women and Addiction

Addiction never discriminates. This problem can affect people from all walks of life without regard to social status, ethnicity, or even gender. It is a common misconception that it is mostly men who struggle with a substance abuse problem and go to a drug addiction treatment program, but that simply is not the case. When it comes to women and addiction, women are just as vulnerable to developing a dependency on drugs or alcohol.

1. Alcohol Dependence Is a Big Problem Among Women

In the most developed countries like the United States, about 1 in 12 women will have a dependency on alcohol at some point in their adult lives, according to reports released by the World Health Organization. While alcohol dependence rates are twice as high in men at 1 in 5, the prevalence of alcohol addiction in both genders is an obvious problem.

2. Women Are More Prone to Developing a Dependence on Drugs or Alcohol

Women may not make up the majority of the population that struggles with addiction, but they do have one scary fact to face. Females are more likely to develop a dependence on a substance once they start using it. Additionally, women more often face social or medical repercussions in comparison to men. Women are also more prone to relapse if they do quit, and also usually find it harder to stop using drugs or alcohol.

3. Difficulties of Entering Treatment Poses a Challenge in Women and Addiction

Women often find it harder to quit using a substance once they are addicted. Women usually have more barriers to overcome when they decide to seek a drug addiction treatment program. For example, women are more likely to be sole childcare providers, which means they face the challenge of finding someone to care for their children while in treatment. Social stigma and problems with finances are also challenges commonly faced by women with substance abuse disorders. 

4. Most Women with an Addiction Have Experienced Physical or Sexual Trauma

It is not uncommon for some type of trauma to be linked with a woman’s dependence on alcohol or drugs. In fact, some women start using to escape the stress caused by trauma in their lives. The majority of women who seek treatment for substance abuse have been exposed to some form of physical or sexual abuse. Alarmingly, as many as 55 to 99 percent of women who seek treatment have experienced these forms of trauma. Since this kind of trauma often leads to conditions like PTSD, the trauma is closely related to risks of substance abuse.

5. Co-Occurring Conditions Are Prevalent Among Women

According to the published studies, more than 29 percent of women with substance abuse disorders also could be diagnosed with a mood disorder or some type of co-occurring psychological issue. Most women with co-occurring addiction and mood disorders will struggle with anxiety disorders or some type of eating disorder. As much as 40 percent of women with a substance abuse problem also have an eating disorder. When it comes to treating women and addiction, the high prevalence of other existing conditions must be considered.

Get Help with Addiction as a Female from AspenRidge Recovery

The struggles of overcoming addiction can be more difficult, on some levels, for women than what they are for men. It is super important to find the right addiction treatment program as a female that will tend to all of the unique needs a woman can face. Some of the programs that can help a woman with a substance abuse condition include:

At AspenRidge Recovery, we build a comprehensive treatment program based on individual needs. Contact AspenRidge Recovery at (855) 281-5588 to find out more about women and addiction.

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