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Motivational Interviewing Techniques

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Are you dealing with the challenges of drug addiction? If so, taking the step to withdraw from the drug can feel overwhelming. In fact, you shouldn’t attempt to quit doing a substance without professional oversight. Many people vacillate between whether they are going to make the move to rehab treatment or not. In one way they want to quit but they keep putting it off. They haven’t really thought through all the reasons why they want to quit. If you are in this type of situation, you may benefit from motivational interviewing techniques. Through motivational interviewing therapy, you discover the strength to take that first step and break away from the drug addiction habit.

What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational interviewing is just as the name implies—it helps you tap into stronger motivations for quitting through an interview process. As you become more motivated to do it, you find the strength to take that first step. Although this sounds simple enough, it’s proven to be an effective technique.

The person conducting the interview must possess special motivational interviewing techniques in order to help encourage you, inspire you, and motivate you. They need to be adept at listening and understanding your situation. In addition, the person will need to reflect back to you what you said so that you can gain inspiration. Motivational interviewing and other addiction therapies educate you about the cycle of addiction, so you can begin learning the long-term strategies and coping skills you will need for recovery.

How Does Motivational Interviewing Work?

Motivational interviewing is usually short-termed counseling lasting only a few sessions at most. During the interviews, the therapist will lead you to discuss your reasons for wanting to change and quit using drugs. It may take some prodding or digging to get the answers. As you come to understand your reasons for wanting to change, you will feel more motivated to do so.

Motivational interviewing sessions are usually broken down into two parts. First, the therapist uses techniques to enhance and encourage your motivation. This can be through agreeing with your reasons for wanting to quit. Secondly, after you are motivated, the therapist helps lead you to make a commitment to change. Throughout the process, you will always be in control and not feel pressured or pushed.

During the sessions the therapist will listen closely as you discuss your reasons for desiring change, then he or she will reflect back to you what you said. Sometimes hearing it from someone else helps solidify it in your mind. By talking about it, you are one step closer to making the move to commitment.

Find Help Through Motivational Interviewing Techniques 

If have substance use disorder, and you are finding it difficult to move forward to get help, motivational interviewing is the first step. At AspenRidge Recovery, our treatment center provides this therapy and many more. Some of our program options include:

Don’t let addiction control your life. Through motivational interviewing techniques, you can overcome your addiction. Contact AspenRidge Recovery for insurance verification at (855) 281-5588, and begin your journey to a whole new you.

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