littleton rehab resourcesLittleton Rehab Resources are provided to residents in the surrounding area. Find sober living communities, AA meetings, NA meetings, Al-Anon, and Alateen meetings for individuals and families battling through addiction. The chronic disease of addiction impacts many families throughout the nation. Many before you have found the strength and tools to live a quality lifestyle away from alcohol and drugs. Find out more about the resources made available to you below. 

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure, proximity to metro-city living, or want to sit back and enjoy the view of the majestic mountain ranges, the city of Littleton is a great choice for a variety of lifestyles. Situated about nine miles south of Colorado’s capital and largest city, Denver, Littleton boasts amazing views of the infamous Rocky Mountain peaks and has miles of hiking, walking, and dog trails. In addition, there’s plenty of shopping, nationally recognized school districts, and much more.

While there’s certainly no shortage of great living, Littleton is fighting through the alcohol and drug epidemics that have swept the nation. Many of the city’s residents are facing health threats and an extreme impact on the quality of living due to addiction and the consequences that stem from substance abuse and mental health disorders. Fortunately, Littleton has worked to provide a welcoming community to those seeking help. Below are a few Littleton rehab resources that may prove helpful for families and individuals during a critical time.

Addiction can lead many to believe that there is little hope for recovery. Many of the rehabilitation centers across the state of Colorado and throughout Littleton continue to find new ways of providing access to affordable and quality treatment.


AspenRidge Recovery is among Colorado’s top alcohol and drug treatment centers serving a greater mission of approaching addiction through evidence-based, as well as holistic treatment modalities. Our goal is to help individuals and families battling addiction and eliminate the stigmas often associated with this chronic disease. Learn more by visiting our center or calling us on our 24/7 helpline directly at 855-281-5588.

Addiction Statistics Littleton, CO

Home to 17 zip codes, Littleton is facing surging numbers for substance abuse and alcohol use disorder. Sobering statistics painting a grave picture not dissimilar to what the majority of the U.S. is currently experiencing. Here are some fast facts about addiction in Littleton, CO:

  • From 2012 to 2013, the city saw a 22% increase in monthly marijuana users.
  • Colorado is #12 in the United States in terms of prescription medication abuse.
  • Since 2012, heroin deaths in Colorado have tripled.
  • According to WalletHub, Colorado is ranked third nationwide for drug abuse.
  • In Colorado, 564 opioid-involved overdose deaths (a rate of 9.5) were reported in 2018.
  • Large suburban metro counties like Douglas County went from having the lowest to the highest rate of premature death due to drug overdose within the past decade.

Find an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting in Littleton, Colorado

Since 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous has been teaching alcoholics how to enjoy a life of sobriety. Following the 12-Step Model, AA welcomes anyone who has a desire to stop drinking. Membership to the program is free and available to all. If you are fighting an addiction to alcohol, you don’t have to fight the battle alone.

Here are a few AA meetings in the Littleton, CO area:

Babble On
7964 S Depew St
8:30 AM — Sunday
Littleton, CO

Lilley Gulch
7964 S Depew St
6 PM — Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Littleton, CO 80128 US

Recovry on the Rox
6222 Roxborough Park Rd.
6:30 PM — Monday, Thursday
Littleton, CO

Southside Solution
6653 W Chatfield Ave
6:30 PM — Monday
Littleton, CO

It’s Come to This
8131 S Pierce St
7:00 PM — Monday
Littleton, CO

Stp’n In The Sltn
6335 S Holly St
7:00 PM — Tuesday
Littleton, CO

Depth and Weight
7964 S Depew St
8:00 PM — Tuesday, Thursday
Littleton, CO

12 @ 12
7964 S Depew St
12:00 PM — Wednesday
Littleton, CO

Columbine Women
6375 S Platte Canyon Rd
12:30 PM — Wednesday
Littleton, CO

Sink or Swim
7964 S Depew St
6:00 PM — Wednesday, Friday
Littleton, CO

It’s In The Book
6:30 PM — Wednesday
Littleton, CO

The Way In
7964 S. Depew St
7:30 PM — Wednesday
Littleton, CO

ABC Beginners
7964 S. Depew St
7:30 PM — Thursday
Littleton, CO

Friday 11 Step Study
7:30 PM — Thursday
Littleton, CO

Men’s Acceptance
5707 S Simms St
8:00 AM — Saturday
Littleton, CO

Free To Be Me
12:15 PM — Saturday
Littleton, CO

Children of Chaos
7964 S Depew St
7:00 PM — Saturday
Littleton, CO

Sweet Sobriety
6673 W Chatfield Ave
7:30 PM — Saturday
Littleton, CO

There are daily AA meetings available in the Littleton area. For updated times and latest schedules, be sure to check on the official website for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in your area. This nationwide group has been beneficial among Little rehab resource lists. Check it out today.

Narcotics Anonymous – Littleton Rehab Resources for Drugs

Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-Step fellowship of men and women for whom drugs have become a major problem. NA welcomes those who have an addiction to alcohol, promoting the idea that alcohol is a drug. However; most addicted people who attend Narcotics Anonymous seek out the program so they can feel comfortable in the company of other people who have been addicted to street drugs or prescription medication. There are a number of NA meetings in Littleton, Colorado.

Here are a few:

New Beginnings Recovery Center
191 E. Orchard Rd #191-B
7:30 PM — Sunday
Littleton, CO

First Presbyterian Church
3500 S Logan St.
7:30 PM — Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Littleton, CO

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
8817 South Broadway
7:30 PM — Thursday
Highlands Ranch, CO

Porter Hospital Mental Health
2465 South Downing St
10:30 PM — Sunday
Littleton, CO

Hope Crossing Church
3000 S Wadworth Blvd
5:00 PM — Sunday
Lakewood/Littleton Area

Hope Crossing Church
3000 S Wadworth Blvd
5:00 PM — Sunday
Lakewood/Littleton Area

Be sure to check out Littleton rehab resources and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in your south Denver area. A complete list of Narcotics Anonymous meetings is available to those who live in Littleton, CO.

Al-Anon Meetings in Littleton, CO Offer Hope for Families

Al-Anon is a safe place to get support if someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Al-Anon employs the 12-Steps for those who feel their life is unmanageable because of someone else’s addiction. Here, you will find a loving and supportive environment of other family members of addicts and alcoholics who can understand what you are going through.

Littleton has an active Al-Anon community. Here are a few meetings available in the area:

Happy Destiny AFG
6014 S Datura St.
7:00 PM — Sunday
Littleton, CO

In The Now AFG
6835 S. Prince St
11:30 AM — Wednesday
Littleton, CO

Butterfly Ii AFG
3601 W Belleview Ave
1:00 PM — Tuesday
Littleton, CO

Happy Destiny Ii AFG
3885 S Broadway
7:00 PM — Thursday
Littleton, CO

Happy Hour Sunday
6400 S University Blvd
12:00 PM — Sunday
Littleton, CO

Fresh Air AFG
6724 S Webster St
6:00 PM — Thursday
Littleton, CO

Columbine AFG
7531 S Kendall Blvd
10:30 AM — Saturday
Littleton, CO

addiction resources in littleton coAlateen Meetings in Littleton, CO

Life as a teenager isn’t easy in the modern world. It’s even more difficult when a teen is forced to reconcile the difficulties that come when a beloved adult has a problem with drugs or alcohol. Alateen offers a safe, supportive environment for teens who need help dealing with the addiction of family member or friend.

Although there are no Alateen meetings currently offered in Littleton, CO, there are Alateen meetings throughout the state of Colorado. Find a meeting nearby and reach out. You can learn more about Alateen before you make your first meeting.

Online Support Groups Offer Healing for Addicts and Alcoholics

mental health care littleton coSome of the best Littleton rehab resources happen in the comfort of your own home. With the advancement in technology, addiction resources have become more accessible and just as beneficial and effective through the internet. Online based rehab resources and programs can offer solace, support, and ongoing fulfillment for addiction recovery and mental health counseling. If you’re ready to get help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol, don’t wait. Addiction is a powerful force beyond the control of the individual who is addicted. You can’t do it alone. Reach out to recovering people online and start your recovery journey today.

Attend an online AA meeting here.

Need help coping with an addicted friend or family member? Get online support from Al-Anon.

Online Support and Support Groups for Addicts and Alcoholics

There are so many great ways to get support for recovery online. The following are excellent support groups that you should consider. These can be great as standalone support, or they can also be supplementary to in-person groups.

  • SMART Recovery: This website has support groups available for both addicts and alcoholics. Their website is filled with great information as well.
  • Daily Strength: This website offers many different types of support groups to aid you in your recovery goals. It’s easy to navigate, and you’ll gain instant access to others facing similar struggles.
  • AA Online: Alcoholics Anonymous offers many great online resources for alcoholics who desire to recover.
  • NA Online: Narcotics Anonymous provides some excellent information and resources on its website for those who want to recover from drug addiction.

Online Littleton Rehab Resources

If you are not able to go to an in-person meeting, there are many online options available. These and other online addiction support groups offer you the ability to get help right from home. You’ll find that these meetings hold virtual addiction support groups and many offer chat sessions too.

AspenRidge now offers dual diagnosis treatment programs for substance abuse and mental health through REACH Online. Discover evidence-based treatment modalities, community-based support, and dedicated certified therapists. 

Free Addiction Treatment Near Littleton

It may be hard to believe, but there is free addiction treatment available near Littleton, CO. If you can’t afford to get the help you need, help is on the way. Don’t use financing as an excuse to stay in your addiction one more day. There are free 30, 60, and 90-day treatment programs available near Littleton.

Low-Cost Rehabs Are Available Near Littleton, CO

Going to inpatient treatment does not have to break the bank. If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol but have run low on funds to finance your rehabilitation, help is available. There are a number of low-cost rehabs throughout the state of Colorado that can help you right now.