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Effects of Marijuana Addiction On Relationships

Effects Of Marijuana Addiction On Relationships | Aspenridge

Generally, marijuana is now available in many states for medical and recreational use. Most people don’t consider smoking weed a big deal, which has become normal in many social gatherings. However, the latest data from the National Institute of Drug Abuse suggests that 30% of those who use marijuana may have some degree of marijuana use disorder.

Marijuana addiction occurs when one cannot control their drug use even when they want to.

It may disrupt a person’s daily activities, jobs, and relationships, and most people don’t realize they have a weed addiction until it is too late. Additionally, there are many negative effects of marijuana addiction on relationships.

It is important to note that the impacts of marijuana addiction go beyond the psychological effects alone. This article will discuss the connection between marijuana and relationships, the risks of marijuana addiction untreated, and ways to tell if one is addicted to marijuana.

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Effects Of Marijuana Addiction On Relationships

Scientific Research On The Impacts Of Marijuana and Relationships

As marijuana use is growing among all adult age groups in the United States, including men and women. Researchers have managed to trace the connection between the effects of marijuana and relationships. A Rutgers research was conducted into how marijuana use can affect how couples connect, and the result was published in the journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

The study showed that marijuana users are less conscious of the problematic dynamics and conflict resolution methods used in their relationships. Researchers observed that participants who used cannabis frequently found it hard to respond to stress without issuing criticism and demands.

Meanwhile, emotional unavailability is among the effects of marijuana addiction on relationships. One study at the Center for Psychological studies found that marijuana use can distort perception and emotions and stunt emotional maturity. Marijuana use disorder may cause poor short-term memory, difficulty concentrating, and inability to connect emotionally, all of which can affect significant relationships.

Therefore, cannabis addiction shouldn’t be taken lightly when considering the negative impacts of marijuana and relationships. More therapists in Colorado are also reviewing the subject of “Cannabis and Couples: What Research Say?”. This is important since we need more information on how marijuana can affect brain function, resulting in impaired relationships.

Five Common Marijuana Symptoms and Warning Signs

The following are five common marijuana symptoms and warning signs that signal a person might be addicted to marijuana. They include:

Strong Cravings

Many people with marijuana addiction start to experience strong cravings after long-term use. Cravings are persistent and induce an overwhelming desire to use the drug, especially when a person intends to quit. Heavier users tend to experience stronger cravings, which may result in difficulty sleeping, low appetite, anxiety, headaches, and irritability.

Chronic Marijuana Use

Difficulty in controlling cannabis use is one of the major marijuana symptoms and warning signs. It can cause a person to take marijuana every day or every other in large amounts to the point of intoxication. In addition, when one is unable to control their marijuana intake even after knowing the risks, then this is a sign of dependence.

Five Common Marijuana Symptoms And Warning Signs

Building Tolerance

Needing larger doses or stronger strains of marijuana after every intake to get the same psychoactive effects is another warning sign. As the body builds tolerance, this can cause marijuana users to be more dependent on the drug. It also increases the risk of moving to stronger drugs to get the same effects.

Low Motivation

Marijuana addiction can negatively impact daily routines and responsibilities. It can cause impaired executive functioning, and one of the major signs of this is a lack of motivation. When a person starts losing interest in their hobbies or goals, it could result from being addicted to marijuana. It may also cause one to ignore their responsibilities and lose focus.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit can mean that the body has become dependent on the drug. Examples of withdrawal symptoms include irritability, stomach or headaches, restlessness, mood swings, etc. The withdrawal symptoms may also be more severe and stronger in people with heavier drug use.

Dangers of Leaving Marijuana Addiction Untreated

A March 2016 study reported that people who frequently smoked marijuana for many consecutive years experienced various social and economic problems in midlife. Severe marijuana use can have short-term effects that can affect development. These short-term effects include paranoia, panic, hallucinations, poor coordination, and short-term memory.

However, leaving marijuana addiction untreated can cause even more problems for many people. Some of the dangers of leaving marijuana addiction untreated for a long period include:

  • Impaired thinking and inability to solve complex problems.
  • Poor sexual health (low libido), especially in men.
  • It causes poor empathy and acceptance, which can lead to interpersonal dysfunction.
  • Marijuana addiction can distort your sense of judgment and lower your inhibitions, leading to more risky behavior.
  • It can physically hurt your brain, reduce alertness, slow learning and memory, and lower IQ scores.
  • Marijuana smoke can inflame the lungs, increasing the risk of infection and lung disease.

Effects Of Marijuana Addiction On Relationships Faq

Effects of Marijuana Addiction On Relationships – FAQ

Some behavioral changes which are signs of marijuana use?

Marijuana addiction can lead to unintended behavioral changes in a relationship and cause interpersonal dysfunction. It may also cause a lack of clear communication and affect emotional connection, which is unhealthy for any relationship. Some couples may also have issues relating to broken promises and low productivity where one or both partners refuse to pull their weight.

Can Marijuana Addiction Affect My Relationships?

Many people struggle to accept the effects of marijuana addiction in their personal or work life. It is dangerous to enable a partner or loved one that is addicted to marijuana because they cannot help themselves. Using denial as a coping mechanism will create more division in your relationship, so taking action on time is important.

What To Do If You or Your Loved One Is Addicted To Marijuana?

Suppose you’ve been wondering, can marijuana addiction affect your relationships? Or you’ve noticed some marijuana symptoms and warning signs in yourself or your loved ones. It’s important to reach out to a professional here in Colorado and get the best Marijuana Addiction Treatment Program for a full recovery.

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