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Does Online Rehab Work?

Drug overdoses contributed to about 72,000 U.S. deaths in 2018. Substance abuse is sweeping the nation and the staggering numbers are now exceeding car crashes, HIV, and gun deaths.  

While many people are understandably concerned with the effectiveness of virtual addiction treatment, there have been some unexpected benefits from telehealth services as it applies to addiction treatment. For one, telehealth implementation which has accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic began has effectively made substance abuse treatment more accessible to many state residents, and especially those living in rural areas. However, many remain doubtful about the positive impacts of telehealth. Does accessibility determine the success rate among well-established drug abuse treatment programs? More importantly, does online treatment work? 

By integrating telehealth strategies with existing evidence-based treatment modalities of in-person programs, the outcomes appear favorable. Online therapy and substance recovery groups can provide quality levels of care for individuals and families fighting the disease of addiction. 

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Overcoming Barriers in Addiction Recovery

With the rise of telehealth and online rehab to specifically address substance abuse, clients no longer need to travel to connect with licensed therapists, support groups, or in-person providers. Those with children, without cars, those with work obligations, or those struggling with physical disabilities, can explore the benefits of easily connecting with knowledgeable and experienced healthcare providers. Indeed, telehealth is quickly dismantling barriers that have historically prevented certain groups from having adequate access to the supportive services needed during a critical time. Sadly, untreated drug and alcohol use contributes to countless lives lost. Drug overdose is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the United States. 

Barrier: Stigmas

Stigma is a problem for people with health conditions like HIV and mental health concerns, but it is especially powerful in substance use disorders. Even though medicine long ago reached the consensus that addiction is a complex brain disorder, those with addiction continue to face the blame.

Unfortunately, stigma is a sad reality often associated with drug abuse and alcohol addiction. When people with addiction are stigmatized, it can contribute to the vicious cycle in the belief that receiving rehab treatment is either unneeded or undeserving.

The Mayo Clinic and countless medial professionals describe substance abuse addiction as a disorder or disease.

Addictive substances include drugs like heroin, cocaine, opioids, and meth. Marijuana, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol are also addictive. Addiction affects the brain and a person’s behavior. Addicts continue to use even when it is causing harm to their bodies.

Where to Seek Aid for a Substance Abuse Addiction

is online rehab effectiveWhen asking, does online rehab work, it’s also essential to consider the source for treatment. Given that substance addiction is a complex disease, there are frequently co-occurring mental health issues that challenge rehab. Thus, substance abuse treatment must treat physical symptoms and those of the mind and soul. 

There are many substance abuse treatment techniques and delivery options. Choosing the right one depends on the needs and preferences of the person who wants to live a drug-free life.

Options range from placement in an institution to intensive outpatient treatment to self-help support groups.

Because it is free and widely available, many people with substance abuse issues choose to join a support group. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups hold meetings in most towns and cities throughout America.

Find Colorado Alcoholics Anonymous support groups near you. Narcotics Anonymous group locations are available here, as well

If you live in Colorado, you might also consider a substance abuse addiction recovery and rehab program like those offered at AspenRidge. 

How Can AspenRidge Help?

The highly trained, board-certified therapists, medical staff, and counselors at AspenRidge offer counseling and rehab programs for those with substance abuse issues. Since needs vary and some treatment options are more fitting for patient addictions than others, AspenRidge offers several options, including:

  • In House Transitional Program with Recovery Residences 
  • Intensive Outpatient Care
  • Evening Outpatient Counseling and Support
  • AspenRidge Virtual Care Online Counseling and Support
  • After-Program Support and Maintenance

What is Online Rehab?

Technology’s rapid changes have altered the way many medical diagnostic and treatment plans work. Termed telemedicine, tele-treatment, or online rehab, this form of recovery and rehab is increasingly used for online counseling, individual and group therapy for those with substance abuse issues. 

Trained counselors meet with clients virtually individually and in group counseling sessions using secure lines of communication.

Does Online Rehab Work?

Counseling programs aid recovery, teaching individuals to note triggers and substitute healthier choices. They have a high satisfaction rating from both therapists and patients.

Therapy staff, the online format, and rehab results are praised by those in the program, their families, colleagues, and friends. 

Why is Online Rehab so Popular?

Many with substance abuse issues are embarrassed to admit their dependence. They often experience depression, guilt, defeat, and apathy. Online counseling gives them a feeling of anonymity because there is no face-to-face contact in such support groups as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Distance, family obligations, and work schedules often make it challenging to attend counseling sessions. Online rehab allows clients to attend individual and group counseling from anywhere, any time of the day.

Online rehab also removes the financial burden of taking weeks or months off work to attend a rehab center. Online recovery also eliminates travel costs and time.

What to Expect from AspenRidge’s Online Rehab

online rehab and counseling for substance abuseNo matter where you live, you can enroll in AspenRidge’s AspenRidge Virtual Care online counseling for alcohol addiction. All you need is access to the Internet link and handheld or desktop device.

As with all of AspenRidge’s alcohol treatment and rehab programs, AspenRidge Virtual Care has several options. These are geared to patient needs and preferences.

When you choose AspenRidge Virtual Care online Intensive Outpatient program, you can expect to virtually meet in individual and group sessions. This will occur via video conferencing on AspenRidge’s secure platform. The frequency and duration of these sessions vary with the program option selected. 

AspenRidge Virtual Care Online Rehab Intensive Outpatient Program

This 12-week counseling program is ideal for patients who need more intensive intervention. Experience, board-certified therapists counsel clients online via private, HIPAA compliant video. These sessions occur three times a week. 

The AspenRidge Virtual Care Intensive Outpatient Program aims to aid participants in their efforts to get drug-free and resume their former sober lifestyle.

Program changes are made based on evidence-based treatment indicators. AspenRidge Virtual Care techniques include one-on-one therapy sessions, group therapy, and family counseling. 

AspenRidge Virtual Care Online Rehab Reset

This is a six-week virtual recovery to help those with substance abuse issues. Sessions occur three times a week for six weeks. Counseling assists participants avoid addiction triggers and urges. Mental health, making healthy choices, and emotional wellness are part of this option. 

AspenRidge Virtual Care Online Rehab Reset educates and empowers participants. AspenRidge Virtual Care Online Rehab Reboot does not deal with detox. It is also not a support group package like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Many who enroll in this program also use the resources of a support group’s frequent meetings. 

AspenRidge Virtual Care Online Rehab Outpatient Program

This outpatient substance abuse treatment program offers extended care treatment—often to those with mild clinical care needs. The sessions are ninety minutes long. Groups meet virtually once a week,

Patients who have completed AspenRidge Virtual Care Online Rehab’s twelve-week intensive counseling sessions often use the outpatient program as a support follow-up.

AspenRidge Virtual Care counselors are specially equipped to interact with patients online in Individual and small-group sessions using AspenRidge’s private, HIPAA compliant video.

Does Online Rehab Work: The Drawbacks

Online rehab isn’t for everyone. There are many financial, personal, and social advantages. However, while online rehab has proven to be as effective as inpatient programs and more cost-efficient, there are some drawbacks to consider.

Without face-to-face contact or group support offered by other substance abuse treatment programs, online rehab relies on the patient’s conscientiousness. For many, peer pressure or one-on-one therapy provides a strong incentive to continue. Linking group counseling to online chats can provide powerful group support.

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