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Spirituality: Simple But Not Easy

Spirituality: Simple But Not Easy By Debi Anson   When newcomers first come into the rooms of any 12-Step program, spirituality and the higher power concept can sometimes be more difficult to accept than the idea of powerlessness.…
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Why Choose an Alumni Program?

Many different rehab centers have alumni programs for people who have just completed a treatment program. But why choose a rehab alumni program? Alumni programs are a form of aftercare in Lakewood, CO for those who want and need ongoing…
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Alumni Program Colorado: How Does It Help?

Addiction recovery is a process that extends long past rehab, and you must use the lessons you learned there to create a life of sobriety. Along the way, you may need help or support, like from an alumni program. So, how does an alumni program…
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Importance of an Alumni Program

One of the most critical lessons a recovering addict learns during rehab is that recovery is an ongoing process. You remain in this state for the rest of your natural life. Staying on the path of sobriety, especially after completing a program,…
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What is an Alumni Program?

Choosing to get the help you need for addiction issues is critical. At AspenRidge Recovery Centers, we have programs to give you the support you want and deserve. One of these is our alumni program in Lakewood, CO. If you're asking yourself…