Our Addiction Treatment Staff at AspenRidge Recovery

Our clinicians are trained to treat both substance use disorder and co-occuring mental health issues/complex trauma that often is at the root of addiction. We offer compassionate, evidence-based treatment at our treatment facilities in Lakewood (near Denver) and Fort Collins, CO.  If you have questions about our treatment programs, call us at today at (855) 281-5588.

Meet Our Lakewood Staff

Dianna Sandoval, LPC, LAC

Executive Clinical Director

Jeff Olson, LPC, LAC

Program Director

Darrin Miller, LAC, LPCC

Program Director

James Wilkerson, LCSW


Galia Abadi, MD

IOP Psychiatrist

Adam Davis, MA, NCC, LPCC

Primary Clinician

Debra Anson, LCSW, LMSW, CAADC


Lourdes Rodriguez, LPC


Arshad William, MD

Medical Director

Patrick Kelly

Operations Director

Alex Exline

Medical Coordinator

Alexis McLaughlin

Office Manager

Michelle Miranda


Meet Our Fort Collins Staff

Marty Rein, PhD, LPC, CACIII

Executive Clinical Director

(303) 955-5599

Keith Colton, LCSW

Program Director

Trish Fadness, MSW, CACII


Biranne Renley, LPC, CACII


Jill Popp, MS, LPC, LAC


Andrew Tomey

Operations Manager/Medical Coordinator

Jen Danforth

Office Manager

Casey Knight, MA, LPCC


Kathleen Voelsing, PMHNP, DNP

Psych Nurse Practitioner

Meet Our Colorado Springs Staff

Kellyanne Achramowicz MS, NCC, LPC, ADS

Program Director

Meet Our Lone Tree Staff

Kathleen Morgan, MA, LMFT

Program Director

Meet Our Central Support Staff

Kevin Werner

Interim Co-CEO/CFO

Alex Loucks

Interim Co-CEO/CFO

Pete Wahlers


Megan Pitcher

Marketing Director

Carlos Medina

Data and Research

Walker Mondok

Human Resources Manager

Erin Greney

Admissions Manager

(303) 955-5599

Alyssa Trunzo

Admissions Representative

Melissa Woodring

Admissions Representative

Karen Rodriguez, CAC II

Community Outreach Coordinator

Laura Martinez

Community Outreach Manager, Southern Colorado

Steve Sarin

PR & Marketing Specialist

Emily Byrne