What Is Gender Specific Treatment? Drug and Alcohol Rehab in CO
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What is gender-specific treatment? Gender-specific treatment is a rehab program that separates men and women into individual groups and engages them separately. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers in Fort Collins, CO, offer gender-specific programs for clients who feel more comfortable recovering away from a co-ed environment. There are no male clients present in a women’s treatment program and vice versa.

Why Is Gender-Specific Treatment a Good Idea?

There are multiple benefits to treating men and women separately when treatment for substance use disorder or mental health is involved. The most important advantage involves freedom of expression. Often male clients feel obligated to act a certain way or fulfill a certain, preconceived role around women, including:

  • Hiding emotions
  • Playing caretaker
  • Exhibiting a reluctance to share personal experiences

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction requires open and honest sharing. Clients need to feel that they can safely share and communicate during group counseling sessions without having to play roles or fulfill expectations. A co-ed environment may hinder this type of sharing.

Similarly, when male clients are present in a women’s treatment program, female members may feel reluctant to talk about the problems that typically affect women, such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Motherhood
  • Breastfeeding
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Sexual assault

Again, an environment that feels safe and conducive to sharing may be impacted by the presence of clients of the opposite sex. For these reasons, gender-specific treatment is often recommended over other co-ed approaches.

What Happens During the Program?

Treatment programs that address only men or only women share many elements in common. Both may involve combinations of traditional, holistic, or experiential therapies. Both help clients learn new healthier coping skills and recovery behaviors. A treatment program may encourage participants to engage in adventure therapies such as rafting, snowboarding, or skiing, regardless of sex. Both programs may utilize art therapy, music therapy, or yoga and meditation.

Treatment approaches typically aren’t geared differently based upon whether males or females are being treated. Rather, the setting is more relaxed, without the added pressures of gender roles and stereotypes.

Should I Consider Gender-Specific Treatment?

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, trauma, or another mental health disorder, there’s no reason why you should rule out treatment in a gender-specific program. Regardless of the program you choose, you should still receive a high level of care and benefit from an experienced and compassionate staff. It’s imperative to choose a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Fort Collins, CO, offering a customized treatment program geared to your needs. You’ll receive comprehensive care for your substance use disorder and any other mental health concerns that may be present.

When you’re ready to reach out for help with drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Fort Collins, CO, contact AspenRidge Recovery. We offer a warm, comforting environment that’s non-judgmental and serene. Our facility is peaceful and private, surrounded by striking vistas of the Rocky Mountains. Nature abounds here, and its healing properties will aid in your recovery. We offer the following therapies:

We also offer dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety, schizophrenia, and more, that happen alongside addiction. When it’s time to pursue healing, call AspenRidge Recovery in Fort Collins for answers to any questions you may have regarding drug and alcohol treatment in Colorado. We have caring and compassionate representatives waiting to take your call and guide you gently into recovery. Call us today at (866) 957-6941 for more information.

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