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individuals asking themselves is treatment right for you

individuals asking themselves is treatment right for you

Still uncertain about whether treatment is right for you? Makes sense. It can be one hell of an intimating decision with plenty of unknowns, but let me tell ya, you’re not alone (by a long shot!). Countless number of my clients have said the same thing to me before they chose to enter into treatment. During the years I’ve spent working with this population, I’ve been collecting reasons from past clients about why treatment is the right choice. So lucky for you, here is a list of the top five reasons why substance abuse treatment is the

**For privacy reasons, I’ve changed the names of clients who have provided quotes for this blog post**

1. Community | “The opposite of addiction is community.”- Sarah

Community provides so much for people just getting sober. Others going through the same sh*t provides a sense of support and compassion you just don’t see in the outside world (damn you, society!). I have seen so many strong bonds formed in this setting that are unique and sacred due to the complexity of a person going through addiction. When you’re around others who also sober, your chances of a successful recovery increases. Not feeling alone and isolated has a healing effect on the soul; you don’t have to and shouldn’t do this alone.

2. Learn the skills to stay sober | “Treatment gave me the tools I need to deal with the stuff I wouldn’t have been able to before. I’m a different person.” – John

This is the gold mine right here, folks. In treatment, you will learn so many tools that will aid in your longterm sobriety. From feeling more in control of your emotional reactions to advocating for your needs and setting boundaries to feeling the feels and embracing change, there are so many skills that are needed in order to stay sober (heck, even just to keep a healthy mind!). This is the place you’ll learn ‘em and practice ‘em. And you’ll have a team of awesome people rootin’ for you along the way! (Uhhh, sign me up please!)

3. Understand what’s actually going on | “Before I thought there was something defective about me, but now I know it’s connected to stuff that happened in my past.” – Steven

So often do clients come in without any clue as to why they drink or use. News flash! There’s a reason. Think of addiction as a symptom to an overarching problem. One of the best things about treatment is the opportunity to dig at the root of what is actually going on inside of you. Is this scary? Sure! But answer yourself this question: What’s scarier? Continuing to live the “life” that is active addiction (not living)? Or mustering up some courage to face an unknown that could give you your life back? Seems like an obvious answer.

4. Feel understood and supported | “It wasn’t until group therapy that I didn’t feel alone anymore. People get me here.” – Charlise

When you walk into the doors of a substance abuse treatment center, you are walking into a community that truly gets you. It is so common for addicts to feel isolated and judged as close family and friends simply don’t understand why they keep using. How many times have you heard, “Just stop drinking,” or, “why are you doing this to yourself and to the family?” Here, you won’t get that. You will receive compassionate understanding while also getting the chance to hear others’ experience with addiction too. Not feeling alone is, as I’ve seen, one of the most powerful things a person can experience while in treatment.

5. Accountability | “Just by coming here every week gave me a reason not to use.” – Sam

Ah accountability, one of the many best friends to a person getting sober. In treatment, you will receive accountability in many forms; therapists, community, UA results, family involvement (if you so choose), etc. I have heard countless times how treatment gave clients another reason to say no when times got hard. The more accountability in early recovery, the better! I’m gunna go out on a limb and say by coming to treatment, your future self will thank you.

So there you have it; five hot-diggity reasons to get your butt to a treatment center! Unfortunately, our culture has stigmatized treatment, which is a shame. I say go against the grain and do what’s going to be best for you! If that means finding a sober community, learning the skills it takes to stay sober, figuring out what’s underneath the surface, feeling understood, and increasing accountability, then shush those ignorant messages from society and get the help you deserve. You got this, person I don’t know, and I strongly believe if you’re contemplating treatment, it is likely going to be very helpful for you.

Looking forward to meeting you and wishing you clarity and peace during this decision.

-Karli H. aka Mickey Mouse, Primary Therapist

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