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It’s always interesting to read patients’ stories about how they overcame their addictions, and this one truly stands out. One patient shares his story about how alcoholism threatened to take over his life until he made a choice to recover from this dangerous addiction.

The Despair of Alcoholism

It’s hard to understand what it feels like to be addicted to something until it happens to you.

My drug of choice was alcohol. It was relatively inexpensive, depending on what you liked to drink, and you could get it practically anywhere. I knew exactly what it was that was driving me to drink too – the loss of my marriage. I don’t know why I went on such a downward spiral. My marriage had been over for a long time, but it wasn’t until the final nail was driven into the coffin that I realized it was actually dead.

Turning to a bottle seemed like the logical choice. Drinking made me feel better; like I was worth something. My friends seemed to think I was funnier when I was drunk, and I even met some new people when I was out. On the outside, it probably looked like I was having a great time. On the inside, I was a wreck.

The Choice that Prompted Alcohol Treatment

On one particular night, I made the decision to drive home from the bar. That was a bad choice. I thought I was OK. While I was in the bar, I felt like I was on top of the world. Little did I know that my BAC was way over the legal limit. Thank God I got pulled over before I totaled my car, or worse…killed myself or someone else. I got arrested that night, and that was when I realized I needed help for my alcoholism.

It wasn’t easy to admit I had a problem with alcohol, but it was something I’d seen coming for a long time. Alcohol wasn’t something I enjoyed occasionally anymore. Instead, it had become like a source of life for me. I didn’t feel right unless I’d had a drink to start my day. I would drink whether I was at home alone, or out with friends. Sometimes, I’d even just drink instead of eat my lunch or dinner, and it didn’t even matter if I was on the clock.

I knew it was time to make a change. I was going to pay dearly for the choice I made to drink and drive, but that might have been the best thing that could have happened to me. AspenRidge Recovery was instrumental in helping me realize the reason why I was addicted to alcohol. They also helped me heal from the pain of my divorce so that I didn’t feel a need to turn to alcohol to help me with my pain anymore.

I will be forever thankful for their help in getting my life turned around.

Alcohol Rehab for Your Recovery

Are you struggling with alcoholism? If so, please don’t fight this battle on your own. Contact us here at AspenRidge Recovery. We can help you too.

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