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Relapse Prevention Plan

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Choosing rehab to overcome drug and alcohol addiction is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. However, it’s important to note that your recovery doesn’t end when rehab does. Recovery is a long-term journey that you can navigate more easily with the right set of tools. A relapse prevention plan made in rehab aftercare in Lakewood is an invaluable tool that can increase the odds you’ll remain sober.

Why Do You Need a Relapse Prevention Plan?

Getting clean isn’t easy, but you can do it with the right support behind you. This means getting into a qualified rehab program that provides therapies uniquely suited to you. Many facilities will do the work of insurance verification for you because your carrier may cover all or part of drug addiction treatment.

Some people might think that, once rehab is over, their addiction is in the past. However, recovery is a lifelong process, where you may find some days easier than others. For the tough times, a solid relapse prevention plan can help a great deal.

Even the most motivated individual may face temptation. For example, one of your triggers may turn up unexpectedly. Or, you might experience a trauma that threatens your recovery. 

Knowing how to prevent relapse can be the difference between you sliding back into destructive habits or maintaining your hard-won sobriety.

How a Relapse Prevention Plan Helps in Recovery

No matter how prepared you might be, something unexpected will eventually happen. How to prevent relapse before your sober efforts get derailed? 

First, understand that relapse isn’t a single event. There are phases to it, beginning with an emotional stage where you’re no longer coping well with stress, anger, loneliness, or sadness. Next, you’ll move into the mental part, where you might feel nostalgic for your past use. Finally, the physical stage of relapse may occur, where you actually use again.

The sooner you can use your plan, the greater the odds that you might avoid a relapse altogether.

A good plan should include:

  • Your known triggers and how you can either avoid them or cope with them in healthy ways
  • Support system, whether friends, family, or a support group
  • Healthy coping mechanisms you can turn to, such as exercise, creative activities, meditation, etc.
  • Solid ways to deal with cravings if they occur
  • Emergency plans if you do relapse, including checking yourself back into rehab

Begin Your Recovery in Lakewood

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