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What are Recovery Residences?

Our houses are group homes for people receiving treatment and recovering from an addiction. They are a safe space to live, integrate clinical care into daily life, and make new friends who are also on the road to recovery. Our homes are an extension of our clinical care and part of our continuum of care. AspenRidge Recovery owns and operates several recovery residences in Denver and Fort Collins area, located in quiet communities, to ensure a peaceful environment for individuals in early recovery.

Recovery Residences

Choosing one of our very affordable sober living homes promotes lasting recovery and adds an extra layer of accountability to your personalized treatment plan. Many people use our sober housing while in our PHP Day Progam and continue to live in our homes while taking part in the Day IOP Program and Evening IOP. While not required, they help make the transition from rehab to living independently without drugs or alcohol. However, people going home to live have little support for the implementation and integration of treatment.

We accept most major insurance and have affordable cash pay options

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How is it Different than Sober Living?

Our recovery residences are clinical sober living homes versus peer-led. Most sober living facilities offer only a place to live UAs for accountability and no clinical treatment integration. Our homes are an extension of clinical care. Residents must be a program to stay with us. Our programs’ clinical work is translated to real-world experiences at the homes and assisted by behavioral health technicians (BHTs). BHTs have at least a year of recovery and have walked their road to recovery. They are also either recovery coach or certified addiction counselor trained. Our recovery housing provides a safe environment within a program of recovery. They offer the opportunity to create a community with others also in treatment.

Recovery Residences

What’s it like to live there?

AspenRidge Recovery’s sober living residences are separated by gender identity. This promotes healthy behaviors and provides a safe space for everyone. While living in our homes, individuals can attend community 12-step meetings and receive a local gym membership. AspenRidge Recovery provides transportation several times per week for the gym and 12-step meetings. People in our care are also encouraged to join us for hikes as well as climbing and camping trips and utilize our vocational and employment support. We want the people we treat to do the hard work needed for recovery, but we also believe it’s essential to have fun!

Recovery Residences

Why it Works

  • More affordable than living in a residential rehab
  • Allows you to attend work and school
  • An extra layer of accountability to help ensure a stable recovery
  • People who want to stay sober have a safe environment to do so

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AspenRidge Day IOP Treatment Locations

We have a treatment center and recovery residences available in Fort Collins and for individuals living in the Denver area, we also have a location in Lakewood. Both rehab center locations provide the same outstanding treatment and care services.

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Call us now at (855) 281-5588 and talk to one of our admissions specialists. They’ll help you decide what level of care is right for your situation and verify your insurance. Our sober living homes in Fort Collins and Lakewood will help you gain the skills you need for long-term recovery, so you start your new life with confidence.

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