REACH Reset 6-Week Mental Health & Sobriety Support Program 

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What is REACH Reset?

REACH Reset is a 6-week virtual recovery reboot that helps empower you to address your mental health and wellness and make healthier decisions about your substance use. This program is not a rehab, detox or AA. It’s designed to educate and empower you to make healthier decisions. Over the course of 6 weeks, you will work with experts to evaluate your relationship with drugs/alcohol and get the tools you need to feel better. 

REACH Reset Includes:

Online Support Group

Join a group of like-minded people who are going through the same thing you are.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Our experts will help you identify triggers and stressors that might be contributing to your mental health and give you the tools to feel better.

Live Group Sessions

Our experts will host live Zoom Groups twice a week on different topics related to substance use and mental health.

Guided Meditations & Yoga

We will help you build wellness practices to help you build a healthy routine and start to feel better.

You'll Learn:

How to navigate ‘stay at home’ & social settings without drinking

How to set goals and build healthy habits

Overcoming cravings and identifying triggers

Tools to address underlying anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns

How to navigate relationships and talk to family members

Coping with shame and how to forgive yourself for mistakes

Relapse prevention

How to set goals and build healthy habits

Develop a mindfulness practice

You don’t have to hit rock bottom to question your relationship with alcohol.

Is alcohol or drugs getting in the way of your happiness/life? Does it cost more than it gives? Are you drinking or using to escape reality or lessen the pain? What are your triggers? Can you navigate relationships and social situations without it? In 6 weeks you can learn more about yourself and live a happier life.


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Meet the Team

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Casey Lucarelli

Darrin Miller

Kathleen Morgan

Erin Greney
Admissions Manager

Melissa Woodring
Recovery Coach

Karen Rodriguez
Community Outreach, CACII

“It's a process, it's mind-body-spirit, a holistic approach. Their motto at AspenRidge is "the opposite of addiction is connection" and that's what they do, they put you in a spot to help yourself.”

- AspenRidge Alumni

“They made me feel comfortable. They welcome you with open arms. No judgement, nothing like that. Made me feel at home.”

- AspenRidge Alumni

Ready for a happier, healthier life?

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