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Growing up in Denver, Colorado, I was the stereotypical All-American boy. I came from a good family, I did reasonably well in school, and by most standards, I was pretty happy. I’m probably not the stereotype that comes to your mind when you think of a drug addict.

But that is my personal reality.

My Attempts at Residential Drug Treatment in Colorado

Luckily for me, I had access to a good health insurance plan through my job, so I was able to check into a residential drug rehab facility to get help. In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t exactly come to that decision all on my own.

After a depressingly dangerous and desperate downward spiral on my part, my family had to stage an intervention to get me to agree to go to treatment for my drug problem.

Unluckily for me, however, I didn’t completely succeed during my first stint. Although I checked in for a 90-day stay, I relapsed with some smuggled contraband after less than a month and was asked to leave.

After a drug-fueled binge that quickly brought me to my own “rock bottom”, my family intervened again in an attempt to finally get through to me. This time, I had no insurance, so my parents had to personally foot the bill.

Maybe it was that fact – my parents bearing the financial burden for my addiction –that got my attention, because this time, I made it through the whole 90 days.

Getting the Help I Needed From Outpatient Drug Treatment in Colorado

When I graduated from residential treatment, I was understandably nervous. Like many others in my situation, I was worried about my ability to remain clean. I decided to take my counselor’s advice and participate in a program offering an intensive outpatient drug treatment plan. In Colorado, there is no shortage of such 5-Day IOP programs, so I was able to “shop around” a little bit until I found one that was close to home and properly accredited.

If I were comparing the two types of programs – residential versus intensive outpatient –I would have to say that I wish I had been exposed to the 5-Day IOP option earlier in my descent into addiction. Maybe if I had learned those lessons sooner, I might never have needed residential treatment in the first place.

Maybe I was more receptive to the message of recovery that I was taught in outpatient drug treatment because I had just finished a residential program, but I actually think it was more likely that I succeeded because the plan I chose really worked for me– disrupting the rest of my life very little.

 Why Outpatient Drug Treatment in Colorado Was the Right Choice for Me

Make no mistake – as far gone as I had been, I required residential treatment, but my needs weren’t as great now. At that exact stage of my recovery, inpatient outpatient drug rehab just made sense, for a number of reasons:

  • Maintenance – With 90 days of sobriety under my belt, what I needed most was a professional support system to help me STAY sober, and the 5-Day IOP provided that.
  • Education – It took longer than 90 days for me to develop my drug addiction, so it was going to take more than 90 days for me to learn more about it and how to best manage my disease.
  • Time –At the residential facility, the “standard” treatment for my level of addiction was 90 days– the idea being that I would then be able to function in a less-structured environment, as long as I had the right amount of support. With outpatient drug rehab, there was no “set-in-stone” treatment duration. We set goals, and then reevaluated my progress and made adjustments as necessary.
  • Flexibility –Everything I needed – individual counseling, group therapy, educational classes, and family meetings – was offered in both morning and evening options, making it much easier for me to recover while still meeting all of my other obligations.
  • Fellowship – I got to know the other people in my group therapy sessions and educational classes. These were people from my own community, and we were able to support and drawstring from each other when we were feeling overwhelmed or tempted.
  • Family –My family wasn’t very involved while I was being treated at the residential facility, but I was living at home, so they were strongly encouraged to participate in regular counseling sessions with me during outpatient drug rehab. These sessions allowed my loved ones to gain a deeper understanding of my disease, which in turn helped heal the damage in our relationships.
  • Affordability –Not wanting to burden my parents financially any more than I already had, I was paying for my outpatient drug treatment, and I am glad to say that it was a fraction of what residential treatment had cost.

And, because I was keeping my job during treatment– unlike my attempt at residential rehab – affordability was a big plus.

Outpatient drug treatment in Colorado worked for me because of ALL of these factors. By helping me maintain my sobriety that I had regained during residential treatment, the outpatient rehab program supported me until I was strong enough to stand on my own.

Outpatient programs like AspenRidge Recovery, located conveniently in the Denver area, is one of Colorado’s premier outpatient drug rehab programs. Using an evidence-based treatment strategy, the professional staff at AspenRidge Recovery has the skill and experience that can give you the tools to maintain your hard-earned sobriety.

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