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Lone Tree Addiction Rehab and Mental Health

At our Lone Tree location, we focus not only on healing the physical aspects of addiction but also on the underlying causes of this disease. Our program is not meant for a one-size-fits-all. In fact, during our first steps, we take the time to assess and evaluate your unique circumstances, while also getting a better idea of other obligations outside of the ongoing battle of substance misuse and even addiction. Our programs engage our clients through evidence-based therapy and support services. We also offer holistic treatment methodologies that complement our clinical treatment.

Our ultimate goal is to help our patients remain sober through each stage and beyond.

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No matter what your particular substance addiction, our trained counselors will provide an addiction treatment and rehab program tailored to your specific needs.

At Lone Tree, we offer addiction treatment as an outpatient program. Other AspenRidge sites also offer such treatment options as:

Entering our drug and alcohol rehab center in Lone Tree, CO should be the least disruptive to your real-world life. That’s why we offer a multitude of treatment options, all of which provide proven therapy, exceptional care, and ongoing support.

All of our addiction treatment and rehab programs focus on getting your body healthy and substance-free while, at the same time, addressing those causes of your addiction. Here is a brief outline on some of our offer support drug and alcohol addiction programs:

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our Intensive Outpatient treatment programs are a great option for anyone that is ready to get sober but wants to maintain a work and family life. The average length of time for our clients is around 12 weeks with integrative 12-step approaches, ongoing therapy, holistic modalities, and support services for the duration of the program. Intensive outpatient care provides for a higher level of drug and alcohol addiction treatment while still allowing for the flexibility of attending to outside obligations such as work commitments, and family needs. Clients can participate in ongoing therapy one to five times per week, depending on their needs and it’s common to stay for three hours most evenings during treatment.

For most, outpatient treatment should begin with IOP as you or your loved will receive a higher level of care that directly correlates with substance misuse and underlying mental health concerns. We’ve discovered the most successful clients complete either PHP or IOP first, before transitioning to other outpatient programs.


outpatient addiction treatment programs lone tree coWe are continuing to make our program accessible and flexible for all those seeking recovery from alcohol and drug addictions or substance misuse. Our online option is now available to AspenRidge Recovery clients. Outlined with the same intensive outpatient care as above, this program allows for even more flexibility and is ideal for those that lead busy lives, are living in rural areas and can’t afford to commute, or for those that wish are looking for anonymity through their treatment.

Please contact us directly at 855.281.5588 if you’re interested in our intensive outpatient program online.

If you have decided that our unique Lone Tree location might be just the right environment for you to deal with your addiction, our competent drug and alcohol rehab center in Lone Tree is ready to talk to you 24/7. Call us directly anytime at 855.281.5588. Our staff will take you on a tour of our awesome facility. We will discuss how we can support your decision to become clean and sober. We’ll discuss your insurance coverage and verify the cost of the treatment option you select.

Most people contemplating addiction treatment and rehab in Colorado are under the assumption that their program must be residential. They worry about the cost and about being separated from family. They are concerned about lost income and work obligations. However, almost 90% of substance addiction cases, our certified treatment options have proven effective recovery from substance overuse through the evening and/or outpatient programs like the ones we offer at Highlands Ranch.



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AspenRidge Recovery is offering evidence-based and compassionate care to individuals seeking recovery for drug and alcohol addiction. We are continuing to expand our reach and accessibility with our newest location in Lone Tree, CO, located just half an hour south of Denver. Through the same evidence-based, personalized approach and treatment modalities, we are continuing to address the needs of our clients by providing support services for addiction recovery. Our highly trained and qualified staff, similarly, takes a dual-diagnosis approach and seeks to address underlying issues stemming from mental health such as PTSD, complex trauma, depression, anxiety, and more.

If you or someone you know is looking for support during this critical time, we can help. We have dedicated our professional careers to seeking the answers for substance misuse and have set out to define a better way of reaching more individuals. AspenRidge Recovery in Lone Tree is more than just a standard addiction treatment facility. We have a proven track record for success and are passionate about giving individuals the tools and strength they need to combat ongoing struggles with addiction.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Lone Tree CO

In the wake of increasing drug & alcohol misuse and dependency, we are providing an effective option for treatment by taking a multifaceted approach. Unfortunately, recent national studies indicate a marked discrepancy between the number of people that need addiction treatment and those who actually receive it. In fact, according to American Addiction Centers, statistics indicate that only about 18% of individuals 12 and older that needed addiction treatment actually received it. AspenRidge Recovery is on a mission to change that narrative and help more individuals have access to exceptional mental health care, as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs that work.

We are a well-established drug and alcohol rehab center with qualified clinicians and licensed therapists that are trained and experienced with addiction and mental health treatment. At a time when you most need professional care and support, we provide a compassionate all-encompassing approach. At our drug and alcohol rehab center in Lone Tree, we offer addiction treatment for:

drug and rehab center lone tree coColorado addiction treatment centers shouldn’t be a barrier in helping you to overcome this life-altering disease. Depending on your particular needs and circumstances, our certified professionals can help you find the right program that will yield the best results.

AspenRidge Recovery also services clients in our other locations in:

We are accredited by The Joint Commission and a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. All of our staff are trained, qualified, and well versed in providing effective treatment modalities through our dual diagnosis approach. Further, all of our locations offer extensive programs that range from partial hospitalization care to outpatient and even online treatment options. Continue reading for more information on our unique programs.

At our Lone Tree Colorado location, we offer excellent care in both addiction treatment and rehabilitation. When it comes to dealing with substance use and mental health rehabilitation our counselors offer individualized treatment and rehab that cannot be matched by any other facility.

Mental Health in Lone Tree

Over 25% of those who have substance abuse issues also have significant mental health problems.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse research has demonstrated that many genes contribute to a higher risk of developing substance use disorders and mental health issues. Moreover, surveys showed that mental health issues are risk factors in developing substance dependency.

Several studies including a 2019 Colorado Health Access Survey indicate that Colorado has a higher than the national average rate of substance overuse. At the same time, over 15% of Colorado residents surveyed have admitted to mental health issues including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality Disorders

At Lone Tree, Colorado, we have a highly-accredited dual program of treating substance dependence and mental health issues. Addiction treatment and rehab often go hand in hand with treating mental health concerns.

Addiction Treatment Highlands Ranch, Colorado

One of the first steps in addiction treatment is determining patient needs. That’s why we have an on-site drug testing at Lone Tree to hold our clients accountable.

We provide a wide range of drug and alcohol addiction treatment options including individual, group and family therapy. We also provide a holistic treatment, as well, with community support, ongoing counseling, and more basic day-to-day routines that help clients manage stress levels and outside obligations or pressures that might impact their ability to remain sober.

Our treatment methods are empirically proven and patient-endorsed. In fact, our success rates indicate that 89% of self-reported alumni who have completed both Partial Hospitalization Program and Evening Intensive Outpatient Program were not using or had decreased their use up to 2 years after graduation

Transitions & Alumni Programs

rehab programs lone tree coOnce you have completed your outpatient addiction treatment and rehab program at Highlands Ranch, we provide support in your transition to your regular family and work environment through this most crucial phase.

Through our support program, we provide help for you to stay focused on a substance-free lifestyle. Our alumni programs include:

  • Special events—opportunities to reconnect with those who have experienced treatment and rehab.
  • Staff follow-up and support
  • A twenty-four-hour crisis hotline
  • Social media chat room support
  • AA meetings

Ongoing Support

Most who complete the IOP program find that they want additional follow-up support. We provide this additional after-treatment support as long as our alumni feel the need for it.

For more information on the various AspenRidge locations and facilities or to arrange for a tour of our Lone Tree drug and alcohol rehab center, call 1-800-304-2219 at any time.

Contact staff at AspenRidge Recovery Center 855.281.5588 to schedule an assessment or to speak to us about our various programs, to verify your insurance, and to learn more about our services at any of our AspenRidge Recovery locations.