Is Marijuana Addictive? | AspenRidge Recovery Colorado
Is Marijuana Addictive? | Aspenridge Recovery Colorado

Many people search the web wondering, “Is marijuana addictive?” One point of confusion is the recent legalization of the drug for medicinal and recreational use. These new state laws make people unclear as to whether marijuana causes health problems or treats them. It also contradicts decades of government assertion that the drug is a one-way street to major life problems.

There are several options and approaches to addressing marijuana addiction, and it’s essential to understand what best suits your particular lifestyle or situation.

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Is Marijuana Addictive?

Is Marijuana Addictive Exactly?

To understand the answer to the question is marijuana addictive, you first need to understand addiction.

Addiction leads to a compulsive drive to find and use more of a substance, even knowing that the drug causes you harm. This harm reaches into your health, social life, relationships, finances, work, and freedoms. Eventually, drug addiction takes you to a drug detox center and rehab, if you want to end your substance abuse.

The Controlled Substances Act of 1990 classifies drugs according to their dangers, such as their addictive nature. Marijuana is a Schedule I drug under this act. That means it has no medicinal value but carries a high risk of abuse. So this classification as Schedule I clearly goes against recent law changes for legal marijuana use by people needing its medicinal effects.

At the same time, many Americans believe legal drugs offer no dangers. They think marijuana is not addictive because you can legally use it in many states. But this is simply a matter of confusion. Marijuana is addictive to many people.

About Addictive Nature Of Marijuana

About Addictive Nature of Marijuana

Marijuana is addictive, but in different ways than other drugs.

All addictive substances meet two basic indicators of addiction, those being tolerance and dependence with withdrawal. Tolerance happens when you need to use more of a drug over time to feel its effects. Dependence is needing the drug to function normally, then suffering some signs of withdrawal when quitting that use.

However, understanding marijuana addiction does not stop there. These two rules prove confusing when it comes to whether marijuana use affects an individual’s life. Even with tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal, you may not suffer actual addiction to marijuana. That is a truth almost unique to this drug because you can suffer addiction to it but not compulsively use marijuana.

Still, experiencing tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal with your marijuana use indicates your high likelihood of developing a substance use disorder. For that disorder, only a marijuana addiction treatment program helps you end your substance abuse for a better life.

Signs of Marijuana Addiction

Some signs point to your need for a marijuana addiction treatment program, relating to your own addiction. But you must be willing to see these signs. One of the biggest issues in this drug’s use is the users’ strong denial when they have a real problem.

Besides denial, other signs that you if marijuana is addictive include:

  • Suffering withdrawal symptoms when not using
  • Money problems related to drug purchases
  • Work problems and lost jobs
  • Using the drug despite knowing it causes problems
  • Giving up favorite activities to use your drug
  • Suffering personal problems with money, relationships and legal offenses
  • Wanting to stop using but not being able to do so

All of these signs show you need marijuana addiction treatment. Without professional help, the addiction may take control and lead to even more devastating effects.

Signs Of Marijuana Addiction

Finding the Right Marijuana Addiction Treatment for You

Finding a good treatment program comes down to finding one that meets your personal needs to overcome the addictive nature of marijuana. This process includes insurance verification, to make sure your chosen rehab accepts your insurance policy. You also need access to a range of programs and therapies that include:

  • Day Program, 5-Day IOP and OP rehab programs
  • Drug detox
  • 90 day rehab
  • Trauma therapy and neurofeedback
  • Individual, group and family therapy

AspenRidge Colorado – Marijuana Treatment Programs

AspenRidge Recovery provides all of these programs and services in Colorado. Contact AspenRidge Recovery now to learn more about available programs and gain answers to your questions like, “Is marijuana addictive?”

Through the right help, you can build a better life in recovery. Call (719) 259-1107. now for immediate assistance.

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