Because drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t discriminate, it can affect anyone at any time, including working professionals. There are about 15 million professionals working with a substance use disorder, and only 1 in 10 seek treatment. This costs Colorado an estimated $9 Billion.  Often standard inpatient residential rehab isn’t practical long-term. Few individuals have the luxury to walk away from their work for several months, even if they need and want treatment. This is where AspenRidge Recovery’s Professional Intensive Outpatient Program (PIOP) comes in. Only located at our Fort Collins treatment facility, our PIOP is innovative offering customized treatment for working adults.

man smiling in the city after the professional intensive outpatient program in coloradoWhile similar to many intensive outpatient programs where individuals get the treatment they need, our PIOP focuses on helping working adults with their unique issues. Drugs or alcohol don’t have to damage your work or home life any longer. Getting back on track is possible through treatment crafted specifically to your needs as a working professional.

How a Professional Intensive Outpatient Program Works

While typical residential treatment for substance use disorder, mental health issues, or trauma can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days, intensive outpatient treatment allows patients to remain active in their daily life. Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment for working adults delivers the same quality of care with sessions in the evenings so you can make it to both work and get help. AspenRidge’s professional intensive outpatient program (PIOP), is a 12-week program that includes individual, group and family therapy. Topics of discussion will focus on those pertinent to the lives of working adults as well as broader therapeutic concerns. For example, other issues addressed during our professional intensive outpatient program in Colorado may include:

  • Stress management
  • Creating a work-life balance
  • Rebuilding trust with partners and family
  • Self-conception and one’s purpose
  • Coping strategies for underlying mental health issues
  • Rebuilding self-confidence and learning forgiveness
  • Examining the root causes of addiction and what it means to have a sober identity

We’ve designed PIOP to create a supportive therapeutic environment, specifically catering to the working professional experience. Within drug and alcohol treatment, patients create a solid and true foundation for their recovery. Doing so involves learning new techniques to handle stress, maintain work-life balance, navigating always shifting social norms, and rebuilding trust with partners and family damaged during substance abuse. Working through these issues allows patients to return all aspects of their personal and professional lives to a healthy, fulfilling state. No matter your addiction or mental health issue, our professional intensive outpatient program can help you heal. Some of the substance use disorders and mental health issues we treat include:

Is Professional IOP Right for You?

For some, the stress of work can lead to substance abuse. However, the commitments one has to work and family don’t stop even if you need treatment. Recognizing you have an issue with substance abuse, that your mental health isn’t as good as it could be, or that some trauma is affecting your quality of life is a major step. Once you know you need help, you need somewhere to turn. AspenRidge Recovery makes it a point to be a supportive place where working adults can come to get themselves back on track.

Through our PIOP, professionals and working adults don’t have to abandon their responsibilities. At the same time, they can hold themselves accountable and get the treatment necessary to heal. Doing so is courageous. But it also means patients will likely return to work and family life stronger and better. Taking care of your future means getting the help you need today. The flexibility of intensive outpatient treatment means individuals no longer have an excuse to put off getting healthy.

AspenRidge Recovery

Our committed and experienced staff at AspenRidge Recovery understand that the needs of every patient are unique. However, sometimes individuals need to work through their issues with others from similar backgrounds who can commiserate and help explore issues in recovery. This is why our professional intensive outpatient program in Colorado is so useful. It gives working adults the space they need to heal and make a long-term recovery.

As a Joint Commission-accredited facility, AspenRidge Recovery is dedicated to making your recovery a lasting one. If you or a loved one needs supporting overcoming addiction, we’re here to help. Contact us today at (855) 281-5588. Our staff can guide you through insurance verification as they give you the details you need to begin your recovery.

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When your addiction becomes overwhelming and detrimental to your life, contact AspenRidge Recovery Centers. You can reach us at (855) 281-5588. With our professional intensive outpatient program in Fort Collins, Colorado, you can start fresh and move forward with confidence.