The AspenRidge Alumni Program

The AspenRidge Alumni Program in Colorado establishes a social support network of recovering people and provides structure to help sustain emotional, physical and mental wellbeing following drug and alcohol treatment.  The Alumni Program’s mission is to extend the AspenRidge Recovery program beyond treatment by creating events and providing addiction recovery resources to strengthen the sense of connection that is essential to long-term recovery.    

Life-long Alumni Support

  • Monthly Alumni Networking Events: dinners,BBQs, talent shows and art and crafts workshops  
  • Monthly Alumni Physical Activity: hiking trips and campouts  
  • Alumni Sports Teams and Leagues: basketball, volleyball and kickball 
  • Holiday Celebrations: sober support, potluck dinners, continuous team availability so our alumni are never alone on holidays  
  • Monthly Alumni Group:  peer accountability, interpersonal relationship strengthening and fellowship  
  • Weekly Alumni Speaker Meetings: alumni share their experience, strength and hope with current clients of AspenRidge Recovery  
  • Weekly Alumni Panel: alumni answer questions from transitioning clients on what to expect and how to navigate after treatment  
  • Sober Pals Service Project: one-on-one mentoring those in early recovery  
  • Volunteer Partnership: alumni volunteer with local nonprofits for the opportunity to give back to the community 
  • Follow-Up Support: one-on-one staff to alumni support in the months following treatment  
  • Social Mediaprivate support groups for alumni to digitally and instantly share triumphs and ask their community for support in setbacks 
  • Call and Text Support: call and text support with Alumni Coordinator daily 
  • Outcome Studies and Suggestions:  We count on our alumni to provide feedback around their experiences with AspenRidge programming and suggestions around possible improvements.  We ask our alumni to participate in continued outcome studies to accurately gather data around the efficacy of programming. Thanks to our alumniwe are able to continually improve our practices.   

Why Utilize Alumni Programming?

  • Alumni programming is an imperative step after treatment that helps each individual in early recovery learn how to live a healthy, productive life.  
  • Support, camaraderie and sober fun with like-minded people that want to see every person succeed  
  • Belonging to a community of people in recovery makes it easier to maintain your sobriety.  Statistics show that being part of an alumni program after treatment significantly increases chances of holding onto sobriety.  
  • Volunteering, learning and socializing with fellow alumni and current clients is a crucial part of life after treatment 
  • AspenRidge Alumni give back to the greater community and find a sense of purpose with helping those just starting their recovery journey  


I went to AspenRidge and could not be happier with my experience there.  The counselors and the staff are wonderful.  The program provided all the tools I needed to stay sober.  The people who work at Aspen Ridge truly care about their clients.  Even after graduating, AspenRidge still helps me to maintain sobriety.  They have an alumnus meeting every week, as well as get togethers.  It’s hard for me to write a review for AspenRidge, as it is not possible to put into words how this program has touched my heart and saved my life.” – AspenRidge Alumni


If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, AspenRidge is here to provide you with the support you need, through treatment and beyond. Call our admissions counselors today at (855) 281-5588 to help you determine which program is right for you.